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Quality Ram's Horn and Yemenite Shofars for Sale

A shofar is a bugle – a clarion sound that has been a rallying call for Jews since time immemorial. Its wordless voice penetrates deep into the recesses of the soul and evokes an emotional response that serves as a link to the long chain of Jewish survival going back to the beginning of time.

Its origin is the Tenth Test of our Patriarch Avraham when he was held back from sacrificing his son. In response, he brought as a sacrifice to G-d, a ram whose horns were caught in the nearby bushes. Ever since, as a memory of Avraham’s supreme devotion to G-d and his willingness to sacrifice his son, the horns of the ram is a symbol of Divine mercy and kindness.

Its sound figures prominently in all major events in Jewish history. It was heard on Mt. Sinai when the people trembled as its sound became increasingly loud before the declaration of the Ten Commandments. For 40 years, it was the rallying call for the Jews to advance as they travelled through the wilderness. Later, it figured prominently in the conquest of Jericho and years afterwards, under the leadership of Gideon, as the Jews charged into battle, the enemy fled in terror when they heard the its piercing wail. During Temple times, it announced the Shabbat, holidays and other major events. It opened public gatherings and was a rallying call for war. It was, and still is, blown daily throughout the month of Ellul. One day, it will rally the Jewish nation with the arrival of the Moshiach!

Today, the Shofar is mostly identified with its pivotal role in the Synagogue service on Rosh Hashonah. Originally, it was blown in the early hours of the morning but the Jews enemies interpreted this as a rallying sound for battle and rushed into the Synagogue massacring them, the Rabbis instructed that the blowing should be moved to the middle of the prayers where it remains until today.

Its sound is a wake-up call to Jews everywhere, arousing them to self-examination and sincere prayer. Just as it was once a signal for war, so too today, it calls for inner battle and struggle to elevate our lives. Its short sharp notes and its long drawn-out wail arouse the heart and return Jews to their Father in Heaven. Its curved shape is a reminder of the quality of humility, a vital prerequisite for sincere repentance.

Three main notes are blown on Rosh Hashanah; tekiah, a long straight simple blast, akin to a summons to greet the King reminding us that we are all subjects of G-d who rules the world; the shevarim sound that are three medium interrupted notes reminiscent of wailing and sobbing that invite us to examine our deeds and commit to improve; Teruah, nine short sounds that are quick blasts connoting crying - a wake-up call arousing us from our slumber. Shevarim and teruah are sometimes combined and this is known as the shevarim-teruah sound.

At aJudaica, we maintain a huge supply of all sizes and types. There are orders throughout the year although of course demand peaks before Rosh Hashonah. This is often first-choice for a bar mitzvah gift. Synagogue blowers regularly replenish their collection. Many Jews want to have it as a home decoration. Others feel challenged to master the blowing techniques. AJudaica provides guidance – and encouragement. There are many who are interested in purchasing a Shofar for musical reasons and they will master the sound to use it as an instrument in choral works.

Over the years, we have accumulated a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise in the field and this is at the service of our customers. Large consignments of horns arrive at our warehouse and each one is carefully evaluated for size, color, sound and quality. Each one is examined to ensure that it has the appropriate certificate of Kashrut. Before shipment, they are checked again for sound quality. Whatever does not meet our stringent standards is immediately discarded. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a pledge of service to our customers.

Most of the horns in our inventory are from rams. They come in various sizes, ranging from 10” to 53” in length. Children enjoy the smaller sizes. The longer ones are usually easier to blow. They come in a range of natural colors, shades of brown or black or beige. Our customers can choose between a polished or natural finish - or a combination of both depending on your personal preference. Every horn produces a variety of notes and tones and of course, we always try to meet individual requests for a specific sound.

Although the vast majority of horns are from rams, there is a sizable number of Yemenite ones that originate from the African kudu, a large striped antelope that has long powerful spiral horns. Originally used only by members of the Yemenite community, today they enjoy world-wide popularity. They are long and strikingly elegant and aJudaica offers a large selection available for immediate shipment.

A less frequent order but also in regular demand is Gemsbok shofars, produced from the horns of a Kosher African antelope. The Gemsbok is long and straight and relatively easy to blow. We maintain a full stock ensuring that orders can be dispatched without delay.

We recommend a browse through our selection of gorgeous hand-painted decorative Shofars. These magnificent majestic items are a rich visual pleasure for the eyes and heart - unique and impressive gifts that will be cherished and displayed with pride in homes, Synagogues, offices and exhibition halls. Created by world-famous artists, we offer hand-painted items in magnificent colors with Biblical or Jerusalem themes. Others are adorned with embroidery, beading and tassels. Many are decorated with gold and silver. Each one is a work of art and aJudaica takes pride to serve as the window to the world for these outstandingly artistic items.

Finally, to complete our inventory we offer a selection of bags and pouches to store your Shofar and comfortably move it from home to Synagogue. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. We even have one with a pocket to hold your prayer book! Also available are a choice of stands that will display it to maximum advantage. Although all our horns are cleansed and we check them carefully before shipment to ensure that they are odor-free, some retain that tell-tale smell and to eliminate this, we offer a shofar odor neutralizer spray for home use.

An aJudaica shofar is a gift for all seasons – an article that is meaningful, functional and will be treasured and cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

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