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Showing 1-32 out of 167 items

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A shofar is a bugle – a rallying call for Jews since time immemorial. Its wordless voice penetrates deep into the recesses of the soul evoking an emotional response.


Today, the Shofar is mostly identified with its pivotal role in the Synagogue service on Rosh Hashonah. Its sound is a wake-up call to Jews everywhere, arousing them to self-examination and sincere prayer. Its short sharp notes and its long drawn-out wail arouse the heart. Its curved shape is a reminder of the quality of humility.


There are three main Shofar notes: tekiah, a long straight simple blast; shevarim, three medium interrupted notes; and teruah, nine quick blasts short sounds. Shevarim and teruah are sometimes combined and known as the shevarim-teruah sound.


At aJudaica, we maintain a huge supply of Shofars. It is often a first-choice for a bar mitzvah gift. Synagogue blowers regularly replenish their collection. Many Jews want to have it as a home decoration. Others purchase a Shofar for musical reasons.

We carefully evaluate each shofar for size, color, sound and quality - ensuring that every one carries the appropriate certificate of Kashrut. Before shipment, they are checked again for sound quality.

Most of our shofars are rams horns. Children enjoy the smaller sizes. The longer ones are usually easier to blow. They come in a range of natural colors, shades of brown or black or beige with a polished or natural finish or a combination of both. We carry a large selection of elegant Yemenite horns. Less frequently but also in regular demand is Gemsbok shofars - long and straight and relatively easy to blow.

A decorative Shofars makes a unique gift to cherish and display with pride. Created by world-famous artists, they are hand-painted items in magnificent colors with Biblical or Jerusalem themes. Others are decorated with gold and silver or adorned with embroidery, beading and tassels. Each one is a work of art.


An aJudaica shofar is a gift for all seasons – an article that is meaningful, functional and will be treasured and cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

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