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Looking for a beautiful and affordable Star of David necklace or pendant? Look no further than aJudaica! We guarantee the best prices on the web for all of our Star of David jewelry, so you can shop with confidence. Plus, with a range of stunning and unique styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to match your style. So why wait? Browse our collection of Star of David necklaces and pendants now and find your perfect match today!

Showing 1-32 out of 194 items
Showing 1-32 out of 194 items

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It is exciting to witness the growing demand and interest in Star of David jewelry - a popular item world-wide in all communities. It is safe to say that aJudaica has shipped a Star of David necklace or Star of David pendant to almost every country in the world!

Responding to the need, aJudaica has expanded its jewelry category to include a huge selection of Star of David necklaces for women with the addition of a category of Star of David necklaces for men.

No doubt about it, a Star of David necklace or pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will enhance any outfit – for day or evening wear. It can be worn alone or together with other jewelry items. But, even more than that, it is a beloved symbol of Jewish identity, faith and courage.

Did you know that the Star of David necklace is also known as a Magen David necklace? This is because the mythical shield – magen - of King David, was reputed to be star-shaped and it brought him victory in battle.

So, when it came to choosing an emblem for the State of Israel, it is not surprising that the Star of David was chosen as the central motif for its flag. It represents loyalty to the State – the land and its people.

If you study Kabbalah or have an interest in the field, a Star of David pendant is an essential item in your jewelry repertoire. The two interwoven triangles with their sixteen sides and seven small shapes have enormous mystical significance, alluding to deep esoteric concepts.

We invite you to enjoy a brief review as you stroll through the aJudaica online Star of David store.


What is in our collection?

If you are looking for a prestigiously expensive item, yes, we feature a quantity of exquisitely beautiful 14K gold Star of David pendants in the $500 and up range. Each one is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. However, there is only a limited number of these. The focus of our collection is to provide affordable Star of David necklaces. We want everyone who wants one to be able to purchase it. With prices as low as $5, you can indulge in a variety of styles and designs – adding to your collection without breaking your bank account.

Our affordable prices are not at the expense of quality. We rigorously check our suppliers and only accept items that meet the traditional aJudaica high standards of material and workmanship. Our tradition of unbeatable prices and quality is matched by unbeatable service. If you have complaints or comments, we are only a phone call or email away. Eloquent evidence of our superior reputation - most of our customers are buying for the second time or more!


You will find at aJudaica a massive selection of sterling silver Star of David pendants and necklaces. In addition to sterling silver, there is rhodium, gold filled, 14K or 24K gold. Many of the pendants are decorated with other metals or adorned with semi-precious stones. But, we will come to that later. Our necklaces come either with a chain or the chain is an optional extra with an additional charge.

If you are looking for a classic unadorned women's Star of David necklace, you will find a choice of smooth or textured, curved or elongated, double star or filled outline - and many others.

For a drop of color, go for the Stars of David that are decorated with colorful stones or the two-tone items that combine sterling silver and gold. Many of our Stars of David necklaces feature semi-precious stones such as amethyst or the gorgeous blue Eilat stone that is so popular. Another well-liked item – a regular favorite - is our turquoise opal Star of David.

Michal Kirat and Yoel's Jewelry specialize in Roman Glass jewelry – glass that dates back to Roman times and was only excavated in recent years, amazingly preserved in the sandy dunes of Israel. Wearing a Star of David decorated with Roman Glass is connecting to the past, carrying with you a beautiful piece of Israel.

Ester Shahaf's jewelry, individually handmade in Israel, is unique. Her Stars of David necklaces combine delicate painting with Swarovski crystals and copper appliques. Each one is a work of art. They make beautiful gifts that are always cherished, bringing a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Why not enjoy a necklace that combines the Star of David with another meaningful Judaica motif? Stroll through the collection. You will find Stars of David necklaces adorned with many religiously inspired motifs: CHAI letters in Hebrew, dove of peace, Mezuzah, Menorah, Lion of Judah, Hamsa, Jerusalem images and others.

We have an entire collection of Stars of David engraved with Hebrew prayer or blessing words or Kabbalistic word combinations. Shema Yisrael is the most popular text but at Ha'ari and Golan, you will find many other deeply mystical Kabbalah texts on their Stars of David.

Looking for a Magen David necklace that is different? Try a necklace from Nano Design. His high quality Star of David pendant necklaces are exquisite – displaying prayers and Psalms engraved so small that you will need the provided magnifying glass to discern the letters. They come in a choice of colors and designs. Each one is a spectacular work of art. We cannot leave without a mention of our Star of David necklaces for men. Our collection is small but it makes a fashion statement that you will appreciate. We are in the process of adding many new items.

We are sure that amongst the hundreds of Stars of David, you will find a piece of jewelry to suit your taste and pocket.


Today, millions of Jews all over the world proudly wear the Star of David – an expression of faith and collective identity. Men, women, teens and children from all walks of life enjoy displaying their Magen David, as it is often called. For many, it is also an eloquent expression of personal connection to the State of Israel.

So, wear your necklace with joy and pride. Tell the world where your loyalty lies and – wait for the compliments!

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