Here are some Judaica Housewarming Gift ideas, running the gamut from whimsical and modern, to traditional, to just plain beautiful! We can send the gift with a note directly to the recipient.

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Showing 1-32 out of 48 items

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Judaica Housewarming Presents

Whatever the occasion - visiting a friend in a new home, a dear one moving house - you will want to present a gift that will add character and Jewish spirit to the new residence. Each of the items in the AJudaica selection come from Israel, representing a meaningful way to celebrate the event.

Our first suggestion is a Mezuzah case for the entrance hall. We bring here a number of elegant samples for your consideration. In the separate category of Mezuzah cases, you will find a huge selection covering every style and price range.

Surprise your hostess with these significant gifts, which feature Jewish themes or are created by Israeli artists. they are of impeccable quality and will be enjoyed for many years. The lighthearted butterfly bowl by David Gerstein will illuminate even on cloudy days with clusters of colorful butterflies. We also offer wall hangings by Dorit Judaica which portray Judaica themes in her usual distinctive flair. Yealat Chen has a home blessing in shape of a house, with accompanying flowers, rooster, sun and more, accompanied by a blessing, available in gold or silver hues. For the traditional oriental hamsa, Ester Shahaf has an oriental wall hanging which is hand enamelled and decorated.

After passing the front door, a beautiful way to greet guests is with one of our Hamsas, Home Blessings or "If I forget thee o' Jerusalem" plaques. Consider impressive Dorit Judaica, the delicate handwork of Dvora Black or the exquisite glass products of Itay Mager.

A clock, whether classic or contemporary style, is always a no-fail gift. Bring cheer to a new home with a zingy sculpture from David Gerstein. A fruit bowl, almost too pretty to fill with fruits, is offered by David Gerstein or Caesarea Arts.

Always a popular gift are the hand-made wood products of Kakadu. Lively and colorful, they are stain proof, waterproof and will almost last forever. Enjoy her floor mats, her Lazy Susans or any of her matching tableware sets.

Every Jewish home has a charity box. The Benny Dabach charity box is a work of art you will be proud to display.

Alongside every sink, it is customary to have a wash cup. Benny Dabach and Agayof have a selection of contemporary styles and colors. You will find a fantastic selection in the wash cup category.

If you are looking to bring a smile, then look through our ArtOri selection. His bright ideas entertain, amuse and are also functional and well-made.

As you see, there is something for everyone at aJudaica.

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