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Face Care with Dead Sea Cosmetics

The face says it all! It reflects who you are and how you feel. Indeed the Hebrew word for face “panim” also means “inside.” So, taking care of your face is not only health sense. It is common sense.

Your face faces the world receiving the full onslaught of the harsh climate, smoke, pollution and floating germs that are part of the environment we live in. If you neglect facial care, your face will show early signs of wear and tear and the aging process - wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin –will set in early.

So, if you want to maintain your youthful complexion, it is never too early to start a daily face care regimen. Ajudaica’s products have been selected to help you make a quality choice. They are all produced by prestigious well-established companies who stand by their products. Call any time. Our staff will be pleased to offer personal guidance.

Any cleansing routine begins with removing all eye and face makeup. Use our compact removal wipes. Then, continue with a cleanser especially formulated for facial skin. You can try H&B’s soapless face cleansers enriched with oils and fruit extracts or Mineral Care’s enriched cleansing milk. For an exciting skin cleansing experience, enjoy H&B’s Facial Foam Cleanser. Travelers, women on-the-go, will enjoy Ahava’s all-in-one cleanser and toner.

A must-must in skin care is using a good moisturizer. This feeds back into the skin the valuable nutrients it has lost during the day. It also eases dryness, refines the pores and enriches the skin with much-needed hydration. You will find here a wide choice. Some are recommended specifically for day or night, others are especially formulated for dry, oily or combination skins. There is a special drying lotion for acne sufferers.

Choose from our wide choice of facial masks to pamper yourself with a home facial. The mud masks are especially popular. Whilst you relax, the mask will deep cleanse, restore the natural balance of minerals and overcome signs of ageing.

To keep the skin youthful without lines or wrinkles, try any of our collagen firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging or age control creams. They are packed with vitamins and valuable nutrients that will smoothen age lines, refresh the skin and bring a glow to your complexion. The prestigious Ahava Company has launched a Dead Sea Osmoter Serum for strengthening moisture and radiance.

We said it is never too early to begin. It is also never too late to start! Treat your skin with the care it needs and deserves and it will pay you back with rich dividends – a glowing cheerful healthy complexion!

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