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These decorative Torah Scroll pointers, or "Yad", are a perfect gift for a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, for your Rabbi and others, for use in the Synagogue.

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If you are in the Synagogue on Shabbat and Holidays and watch the Torah scroll being reverently taken out of the Ark, you will surely notice hanging from the top staves, a small chain at the end of which is a longish rod ending with a point or finger shape at the other end. This is the pointer, known in Hebrew as "etzba" – finger or "yad" – hand. In Sephardic Oriental communities, it was known as the moreh – teacher - or kulmus – a quill. Indeed, that is its shape. Today, the Pointer is a precious and beautiful accessory to the Sefer Torah and leading Jewish artists have produced pointers that are truly works of art.


The letters of the Torah scroll are written according to specific Halachic guidelines. A slight deviation can render the scroll unfit for use. Since the parchment and the special ink used are extremely sensitive, great care is taken not to touch the parchment unnecessarily. Even light perspiration from the fingers could cause damage. At the same time, refraining from constantly touching and handling the Torah scroll parchment expresses respect for this sacred item. Using a pointer is a beautiful way to protect the parchment and enhance our respect for the Torah scroll.


The Torah reading is divided into each sections and for each one a different member of the congregation is honored to come forward. Before he recites the appropriate blessing, the Reader will use the Pointer to show him where he is about to begin reading. In this way, he can follow the reading respectfully and with concentration.

The Pointer may also be used by the Reader in the same way as you may use your finger to help follow a closely written dense text. He will move it carefully along the text as he reads from the Torah scroll, making every effort that it should not touch the parchment.


Throughout the generations, Jews have taken special pride in enhancing the performance of Mitzvot by encouraging the use of ritual items that are aesthetically attractive. In the Synagogue, the beauty of the ceremonial objects adds another dimension of respect and appreciation for the holiness of Prayer and Reading from the Torah. It is certainly fitting that the humble Pointer, hanging from the sacred Torah scroll and stored together with it in the Ark, should be an object of beauty that will draw attention to the mitzvah and at the same time express respect, love and reverence for the holy Torah.


Ajudaica offers a wide choice of Pointers ranging from budget price to prestigious – there is something for every taste and pocket. We carry Pointers from all the well-known Judaica artists - Yair Emanuel, Yealat Chen, Agayof, Adi Sidler and Caesarea Arts to name but a few. Most are made from anodized aluminum and carry chains to attach it to the Torah scroll. Others are brass or silver plated. Some are pointed at the tip. Others feature the iconic pointed finger.

Our customers adore Yair Emanuel’s Pointers. They are bright and cheerful and bring a breath of fresh air to classic tradition. His sleek thin shapes come in a wide choice of single color or striped designs. For that special gift, we loved his wooden hand-painted Pointer resting on an exquisite display stand. If you enjoy a more ornate style, look through Yealat Chen’s Collection of Pointers decorated with colorful stones, decorative Judaica images and heavier chains. Adi Sidler offers us contemporary style Pointers designed for the boy or man who wants to be with-it without compromising tradition. For style, quality and prestige Agayof still reigns supreme. Each Pointer is a work of art. Finally, for the contemporary look, Caesarea Arts offers us a fabulous Rainbow Collection. Trendy but classic, they will inject a lively sense of color and design to the Reading of the Torah.


A Torah Pointer is a beautiful Bar Mitzvah gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. Many boys take their pointer to the Synagogue and ask the Reader to use it when they are called up for their reading from the Torah scroll. One of our customers bought it for a baby boy gift with the wish that it will be used in 13 years for his bar mitzvah. Present a Pointer to your Synagogue in honor of a dear one or to commemorate a personal milestone. It is a pleasing gift to present to a Rabbi or the Reader in your Synagogue. Whether or not it is actually used, a Pointer is a delightful item to add to any Judaica Collection - an expression of respect for the holy Torah scroll and for all its accessories.

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