This classic, ancient Jewish symbol originates in the First and Second Temples. There it was seven branched, as opposed to the modern day Hanukkah Menorah which has eight branches. Celebrate the holiday or decorate your home with one of our large variety of Menorahs.

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Showing 1-32 out of 514 items

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Hankukkah and Temple Menorahs

We stock our Menorahs for sale from many diverse suppliers so as to offer the most options possible, with a range from oil burning, to candle and offer accessories such as decorative candles and glass oil inserts. The reason why modern Menorahs, or Chanukiyah, are for 8 lights, as opposed to the Menorah in the first and second Jewish Temples in Jerusalem is that the modern Chanukiyah is to celebrate the miracle of Chanukah, when the tiny amount of oil was sufficient to light for eight days, and so we celebrate the miracle with an eight branch Menorah on Chanukah (with a ninth as shamash or helper). The seven branch Menorah in the Mikdash had a design which was shown by G-d himself to Moses. It disappeared after the destruction of the Second Temple. It's whereabouts today is not known. Some speculate that it is in the Vatican, others dispute this. At that time, there was no Vatican and so either it was stolen, hidden or melted for gold, or it never left Israel. This is because a few replicas were made, and it is possible that the true one was hidden in Israel before the Temple was ransacked. Whichever the true theory, we eagerly await seeing it again with the building of the Third Beis Hamikdash, may it be soon in our days.

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