Kiddush, Elijah and Miriam Cups

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Kiddush Cups and Goblets for Passover

Like the festive Shabbat meal, the Seder night ritual also begins with the Kiddush recitation. All eyes are focused on the leader of the Seder who holds in the palm of his hand a beautiful Kiddush cup filled with red wine.

The aJudaica choice of Kiddush Cups are all beautifully designed and reasonably priced. There is silver plated, nickel, pewter or ceramic. Most designs are traditional with accompanying plates – diamond shaped, grapes, Jerusalem images or Stars of David.

In the center of the Seder table prominently stands a large-size Cup of Elijah. Later on in the evening, this is filled with wine and one of the children present is honored to open the door whilst everyone stands and fervently recites a prayer inviting the Prophet Elijah to enter and announce the coming of the final redemption. Always popular is Yair Emanuel’s Elijah cup, hand painted in a vivid colorful design. Across the front in bold letters is written in Hebrew - Eliyahu – Elijah.

In recent years, some have introduced a Miriam’s Cup. Filled with water, it highlights the vital role of women in ensuring the survival of the Jewish people – in Egypt, at the splitting of the Sea when they sang praises to G-d and throughout the long years of exile. In the merit of Miriam, sister of Moses, the Jewish nation was blessed with sweet health giving water throughout their years in the wilderness. Yair Emanuel in his inimitable bright and colorful style offers two Kiddush style cups with the name Miriam boldly written across the front in Hebrew.

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