Silver Plated Kiddush cup - Grapes Design with tray

Silver Plated Kiddush cup - Grapes Design with tray

3.5" / 8.9cm (Height)

Product Description

This low-cost silver plated Kiddush cup with matching plate is a pretty item that you will enjoy using. The intricate design depicts a rich bunch of grapes. On the plate are engraved words from the blessing recited over wine, “boreh pri ha’gefen.”

Grape designs on Jewish ritual objects have great significance. Ever since Noah planted a grape vine when he came out of the Ark, grapes and wine have played an important part in the life of the Jewish nation. When Moses sent spies to explore the Promised Land, two of them returned with grapes so large that they had to carry it together. It is one of the Seven Species for which the Land of Israel is praised. The Prophet compares the People of Israel to a luxurious vine. So, it is an appropriate design on a Kiddush cup.

Wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. It will give you lasting


SKU: PL-X3153
Size: 3.5" / 8.9cm (Height)

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Traditional, nice and inexpensive

Beautiful and traditional Kiddush cup, and for a very fair price too, just what I was looking for.

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