Adult Tallit Katan Undershirt Style

By Talitnia

Adult Tallit Katan Undershirt Style

By Talitnia
$12.63 - $14.74

Product Description

Here is a great combination – an undershirt for adults with Tzitzit attached. It is made of 100% cotton to provide ease and comfort in your active life. The slits at the side ensure that it is in full accordance with Halachic rulings.

Choose from a choice of five sizes. For an extra charge, you can order a techelet-blue thread or handmade tzitzit prepared in accordance with the Sephardic or Yemenite custom. This tallit katan, as all our tallitot, is made in Israel. Its Kosher tag confirms that it was made according to the strict standards of Halachah – Jewish law.

Our sages say, “Whoever observes the mitzvah of tzitzit, it is considered as if he has observed the entire Torah.”


Brand: Talitania
Type: Men
Materials: Cotton
Made in Israel

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Tzitzit (Fringe) Guard for Laundry
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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade yemenite thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)

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Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 based on 14 reviews

Good Value

My husband loves the fit. The fabric is nice and light too. Good price also.

Quality service

Thanks for your quality service and products. O ordered from the United Kingdom. The delivery and product was good. Keep it up

A brilliant idea

whoever thought of this brilliant idea deserves a prize - my recommendation! I buy them for all my grandsons.

kosher and comfortable

was pleased to get this with tzitzit attached - just what I need - ashkenazi standard - no fuss - just slipped it over the head and felt so comfortable


my darling son came back with his three undershirt tallit katans black and real dirty. soaked and then washed them and they came out sparkling white - shows it must be good quality


Bought three for my son to take to camp. he was delighted and wore them all the time.

great gift

saw this as I was scrolling through aJudaica - great idea - immediately got 6 pairs for my grandsons. Now they can wear their tzitzit comfortably without extra weight in the summer.

Love it

love this and same as my Knitted Kippah. perfect and love them both! many thanks!

fits well and easy to clean

My husband has several pairs of Tallit Katan and he loves this one the best. The cotton is quite light and it it fits perfectly. He likes it because it come together under the armpits for a few inches like a real t-shirt for a great fit. Plus, for me, it's REALLY easy to clean.

Soft, high quality.

It is like a soft cotton t shirt. Very high quality. I highly recommend it. They wash well also, knots stayed tied

great tallit katan

I've been trying to find this tzitzit locally, one which would withstand washing and still retain their shape and smoothness of the material. This was great and I'll be sure to buy more in the future. thanks!

a great tallit katan

This undershirt tallit kattan fits perfectly and is of good quality. I would recommend it and also will probably purchase more in the future.

Tallit katan

excellent products and excellent seller!

Great Service

This is my favorite site to order from. The team at A-Judaica is fast and effecient and wonderful to deal with!

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