Cotton Tallit Katan without tzitzit

By Talitnia

Cotton Tallit Katan without tzitzit

By Talitnia
$6.44 - $12.16

Product Description

Here is a Tallit Katan without attached Tzitzit. You can choose between a comfortable 100% pure cotton or a sturdy easy-to-iron 65% polyester-35%cotton mix. Our easy measurement guide chart will help you order the size to ensure the most comfortable fit.

This Tallit Katan will give you a precious opportunity to affix your own Tzitzit - a great mitzvah and a skill worth mastering, under guidance of course. The Tzitzit can be purchased at an additional cost. For an additional cost, you can order the techelet-blue thread or tzitzit handmade according to Sephardic or Yemenite custom.

Ajudaica tallitot are manufactured in Israel and each one carries a tag confirming its Kashrut and scrupulous adherence to Jewish law.

When you are inserting the strings and tying the knots, remember to say “le’shem mitzvah” - may this be reckoned as a Mitzvah. It is recommended that initially, you insert your tzitzit under supervision.

Tallit Katan Size chart


Material: Cotton
Made in Israel

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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade yemenite thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)


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