My First Tallit Katan - Alef Bet

By Talitnia
My First Tallit Katan - Alef Bet

My First Tallit Katan - Alef Bet

By Talitnia

Product Description

Here is a cheerful three year old happily learning his aleph bet as the letters fly around him. It is a reminder of the heart-warming tradition that still takes place in many communities when the father wraps his three year old son in a holy tallit and takes him to the local cheder or Talmud Torah where the Rebbe/teacher and children greet him warmly and sing songs of Torah. A tray of Hebrew letters covered with honey, or a cake decorated with aleph beit letters waits for the child and as he picks up and licks the sweet letters all those present burst into song “Toras hashem temima” the Torah of G-d is perfect.

The tallit katans for children are all one size made from quality cotton-polyester. They carry the recognized Kosher certificate.


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