Light-weight Original Blue Tekhelet - Radzin

By Talitnia

Light-weight Original Blue Tekhelet - Radzin

By Talitnia
$17.59 - $24.19

Product Description

This package contains four thin blue threads sufficient for four corners of tzitzit. They are prepared in accordance with the custom of Radzin and bear its certification.

Radzin Techelet is normally sold as a package of four blue strings only, so most people select the complete set option, which comes with 12 white strings as well. You may choose to buy it either with Handmade Sephardi Thin Tzitzit under the certification of Badatz and Rabbi Shelomo Machphud, or with Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit under the certification of Badaz and Rabbi Karelitz or with Machine Made Tzitzit.

Due to the special nature of the blue dye it may rub off onto your fingers or on to the tallit katan as you tie the knots. This is perfectly normal and is part of the unique nature of the techelet dye.

The source of the blue techelet thread is the Torah instruction for one of the threads of the tzitzit to be techelet blue color. At the time of the Temple the special blue dye was obtained from a sea creature called chilazon. Only a number of people knew the method. After the Destruction of the Temple, they went into hiding and within a few hundred years the secret was lost. In recent times, interest in the identity of the chilazon was revived and about 150 years ago the Radzyner chassidim claimed to have re-discovered the identity of the blue thread and they re-introduced. Today, many Jews rely on their investigation and use a blue thread that has been prepared according to the Radzyner tradition.

Make sure you know how to prepare the tzitzit before you do it alone.


Brand: Radzin
Made in Israel

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