Rose of Sharon - Ein Gedi Anointing Oil 7.5 ml.

Rose of Sharon - Ein Gedi Anointing Oil 7.5 ml.

Rose of Sharon - Ein Gedi Anointing Oil 7.5 ml.

7.5 ml

  • An anointing oil with Rose of Sharon perfume
  • Using natural Galilee and Jerusalem Virgin Olive Oils
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

Experience the divine essence of the Rose of Sharon with this exquisite 7.5ml bottle of Ein Gedi Anointing Oil. Crafted with utmost care and reverence, this anointing oil encapsulates the beauty, grace, and spiritual significance of this beloved flower. Symbolism of the Rose of Sharon - named after the revered flower mentioned in the Bible, this anointing oil embodies beauty, purity, and divine love. It serves as a symbol of spiritual growth, devotion, and the presence of God's grace. The 7.5ml bottle is perfect for daily use and travel, allowing you to carry the sacred essence of the Rose of Sharon wherever you go. Its small size makes it convenient to keep with you for moments of spiritual connection and reflection. Whether used in blessings, meditation, or personal reflection, this anointing oil facilitates a deeper connection with divine energy and guidance. Its fragrant aroma creates a sacred ambiance, inviting spiritual contemplation and reverence. Made from high-quality oils and botanical extracts, including virgin olive oil and aromatic spices, this anointing oil is authentic and potent, ensuring a meaningful and transformative spiritual experience.


SKU: EG-4251253/5026
Size: 7.5 ml
Brand: Ein Gedi

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