Passover is the Jewish holiday of freedom from Egyptian bondage, celebrated with the traditional Passover meal (the Seder) and the chanting of the Haggadah. aJudaica offers a plethora of decorative and useful Jewish gifts for the Passover holiday, including Haggadah books, traditional Passover plates, wine cups and Matzoh covers.

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Showing 1-32 out of 360 items

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Ask any older person which Jewish Festival holds their warmest memories, chances are that the answer will be "Pesach", or "Passover" as it is called in English. Indeed, the essence of the Festival is remembering - recalling the past when the Almighty saved us from the slavery of Egypt.

At aJudaica, we want to contribute to your Pesach memories. In order to give you a rich legacy of nostalgia, we offer a full array of Passover items - tableware connected to the rituals of Seder evening. We are confident these will make your Seder evening an inspiring and uplifting experience.


AJudaica covers the entire gamut of your Pesach's religious needs. Starting with the Seder table, you will find a choice of Passover plates, matzah trays, Kiddush cups, matzah covers, afikoman bags, Cups of Elijah and Miriam Cups. Don’t forget the white kittel and Haggadahs and, to offer an aesthetic touch, there are festive hand towels, a matching Netilat Yadayim cup and bowl and charming Pesach aprons.


Begin your online shopping spree by taking a peek at our selection of Barbara Shaw's Pesach Items. She brings to her creative Judaica a delightful sense of humor. Whether you choose, it will be original and colorful, designed to decorate and to be enjoyed.

The most prominent item on the festive Pesach table is the Seder Plate for displaying the six ritual food items. You will find a wide range on our website. There are low-priced Passover Plates made from aluminum, nickel or even melamine – ideal, if you are away from home and looking for something convenient and lightweight. At the other end of the scale, is the exclusive Agayof Seder Plate, a luxurious item of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. Between the two, there is a huge choice that includes silver plate, crystal glass and the ever–popular Armenian floral design. We have a full selection from Dorit Judaica with her hallmark pomegranates; Yair Emanuel with his colorful painted wood; Michal Ben Yosef’s exquisite hand painted ceramics; Shraga Landesman’s creative allusions to the world of nature and Laura Cowan’s superb works of art created from stainless steel.

Another important item on the Seder table is the Matzah Cover. Our selection of low-cost matzah covers with matching afikoman bags is extremely popular. Made from machine washable cotton polyester, they are elegantly decorated with gold or silver embroidered designs. If you are looking for something special, we have a comprehensive display of matzah cover sets from Yair Emanuel. Many are embroidered or hand painted, displaying stunning images of Jerusalem and other Judaica themes. There are also exquisite sets from Dorit Judaica and a selection of colorful contemporary styles from Barbara Shaw.

Of course, all the covers have three divisions for the three matzahs. Many come with a matching afikoman bag that can be purchased separately – a great advantage if for any reason you only want one item from the set. There are also separate afikoman bags – some of them really distinctive.

An important item on your Seder table is the Kiddush Cup. For those who have the custom for every participant at the table to recite Kiddush, a set of matching Kiddush cups will enhance the evening. See our Shabbat section for a full selection. If you appreciate exclusive Judaica, there is nothing that can compete with sterling silver. Our selection is small but each cup is an artistic masterpiece and sure to become a family heirloom.

Along with the Kiddush cup, you will want to display in the center of your table an extra size Elijah Cup. This becomes a focal point half-way through the Seder when it is filled with wine and the door is opened for the Prophet Elijah. Choose a cup that suits your taste. Some have written on them “Kos Shel Eliyahu” – “Cup of Elijah”. Others are large size, elegantly engraved with Judaica designs.

Although it is not traditional, many contemporary style homes have adopted the practice to display a Miriam Cup, a tribute to the role of women, and specifically to the role of the Prophetess Miriam, in the salvation of the Jewish nation. Yair Emanuel has a distinctive hand painted wood Miriam cup.

You will surely be eating plenty of matzah during the evening. So, to avoid crumbs on your tablecloth and to add some color to your tableware, consider our choice of Matzah Plates. In addition to a selection of attractive aluminum, nickel or colorful melamine, there are hand painted wood matzah trays from Yair Emanuel, innovative baskets with bows from Barbara Shaw, delicate ceramic plates from Michal Ben Yosef or an innovative tilted holder from ArtOri and Iris. To keep your matzah fresh and crispy, why not try one of our matzah boxes – colorful and attractive enough to stand on the table.

Naturally, you will need a supply of Haggadahs - the book that is read at the Seder table, individually and in unison. Our collection includes Haggadahs in most languages and of course, if you do not find what you are looking for, we are only a phone call away.

Don’t forget the kittel – a white robe garment worn by the one leading the Seder. Practical as well as uplifting. There is a plain model or one with white lace.

Another extra to upgrade your Seder table is to lay out specially designed Pesach hand towels. Since we wash hands twice during the Seder, this will come in really handy. Dorit Judaica, Yair Emanuel and Barbara Shaw have a great selection.

If you are looking for gifts, present your hostess with a Barbara Shaw Pesach apron – colorful and with a humorous Pesach design.

We have presented only a short overview of our Pesach selection. Browse through yourself. We hope you will find what you are looking for but don’t be surprised if you end up buying something completely different. That is why we present such a wide choice that is constantly being updated. If you have queries or want more information call any time our trained staff. They are there to help you and will do all they can for you to be another aJudaica satisfied customer.

We wish you Chag Samayach, a happy and joyous Festival, enriched with the tableware that will create a beautiful experience and memories to last a lifetime.

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