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Kiddush Wine Fountains

Some 500 years ago, King Henry VIII of England was so proud of his wealth that he decided to show it off by building two huge gold wine fountains in his palace that spouted unlimited quantities of free wine.

Today, the principle has been modified and wine fountains were introduced to dress up the Shabbat table, bringing interest and excitement to the meal and simplifying the distribution of Kiddush wine to everyone seated around the table.

Before the meal begins, the head of the family fills with wine the Shabbat cup that stands on top of the fountain and recites the Kiddush prayer and blessing. All present listen respectfully. Instead of pouring the wine into many small cups, the wine is now simply poured into the central funnel and all present watch with fascination as it cascades into the small cups that surround the fountain, usually standing on a decorative plate.

This genius idea has been developed and improved and as always, when it comes to Judaica items used for a mitzvah, there is an enthusiastic output from Jewish artists, each one presenting designs that express their individual style and use of raw materials.

The aJudaica collection of wine fountains begins with nickel and pewter models and advances to exquisite silver plated models. They are all beautifully embellished with images of Jerusalem, luscious grape designs or graphic diamond patterns.

Two of Israel’s most beloved Judaica artists have designed a series of breathtakingly beautiful wine fountains that will enhance any Shabbat table and make beautiful gift to be used again and again, week after week.

If you are a Yair Emanuel fan, you will recognize immediately his hallmark bright cheerful colors and vibrant pictures of animals, birds or the Seven Species. Children will adore his anodized aluminum wine fountain – each small goblet is a different cheerful color.

Agayof, master of anodized aluminum, harmonizes shape and form, old and new with his stunning wine fountain collection. The striking colors and sleek shapes will blend in perfectly with a modern style d&233;cor and the silver colored band on each cup makes a prestigious statement that is the Agayof hallmark. An added feature - if you do not wish to use all the cups, he provides special rubber stoppers to close the taps.

Whichever wine fountain you choose at aJudaica, you can be sure that it will add color and elegance to your Shabbat and Holiday table. It will delight your guests, especially the younger children and it will make the Kiddush recitation meaningful and exciting. When not in use, it makes a beautiful centerpiece on your Shabbat table and during the week, it can be displayed with pride on any shelf.

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