Salt & Pepper Shakers

Add a pinch of style to your Shabbat table with these salt and pepper dishes. Some styles have matching candlesticks for an elegant and stylish look.

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Showing 1-32 out of 73 items

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Judaica theme Salt and Pepper Shakers

A Jewish table is not complete without a salt shaker. The custom dates back to Talmudic times when it was instituted as a reminder of the Temple sacrifices. Amongst its many symbolic meanings is the reminder of our responsibility to elevate meals so that they are indeed a worthy reminder of the Temple sacrifices.

The Jewish genius for creative art expresses itself in a variety of designs for the humble salt and pepper dishes. Ajudaica offers a full selection in a choice of materials and designs. Scroll through and choose the shaker that meets your style, budget and table d&233;cor. Enjoy the selection of closed or open shakers, classic or contemporary designs; there is something for every taste and style.

Why not add a regal touch to your table with our low cost silver plated salt dishes. An inner glass cup holds the salt so the metal is not tarnished. These dishes come with an elegant tea spoon for serving the salt. For that special look, there are also pretty joined salt and pepper dishes that are decorative as well as functional.

Ceramics are always popular and add a warm friendly atmosphere to the table. Michal Ben Yosef’s ceramics are made from the earth of Israel so they are especially meaningful. Her designs cover pomegranates, fish, palm trees and floral themes. There are also more intricate designs with blessings and Shabbat prayers. Her gorgeous pomegranate salt shaker will surely be a table talking point.

The ever-popular Dorit Judaica offers an elegant glass salt holder resting on aluminum. An interesting feature – these can also be used for Shabbat lights. Her closed glass shakers with covers display her familiar motifs – the intricate wheel, the pomegranate and sheaves of wheat - classic no-fail gift items.

Yair Emanuel’s salt shakers are distinctive for their shower of bright vibrant colors. They will always add a cheerful tone to your table.

For that exclusive prestigious addition to your table, add a contemporary style salt shaker designed by Agayof. Made from anodized aluminum in a wide choice of colors, their sleek modern style puts you in a special class of distinction.

With an aJudaica salt and pepper shaker your table will have that finished look and will truly be “fit for a king”

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