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As far back as history can trace, mankind has been fascinated by the splendor of silver using it for jewelry or decoration. In the spirit of hidur mitzvah, honoring the mitzvah by beautifying it, silver was the metal of choice for making kiddush cups, Menorahs or Torah decorations. In Europe, many of these items were fashioned by non-Jewish craftsman since Jews were not allowed to be silversmiths or goldsmiths. So, there are often amusing and interesting mistakes to be found in the Hebrew texts of antique articles that are still around.

Fortunately, today’s flourishing market of silver is operated by Jews who are familiar with the Hebrew language. And of course, there are scores of Jewish artists who feel it is a privilege to design and create Judaica made of pure silver, items that will take pride of place on the Shabbat or Holiday table and during the week in your display cabinet.

Although aJudaica generally displays Judaica items made of aluminum, silver plate, ceramics or other metals, we want to give sterling silver the honor that is its due, sharing with our customers the excitement and thrill of owning an item that carries the traditional sterling silver hallmark.

Most of our exclusive silver collection is created by a young gifted designer, Chaya Wiesel, who lives and works in Jerusalem. She brings to her work creativity, inspiration and a passionate love of Jewish tradition declaring, “There is nothing more beautiful than sterling silver Judaica to elevate and honor the Shabbat table!” Silver is also a prestigious gift and usually it is these items that become precious heirlooms and are passed on from generation to generation.

We present you with a selection of her Kiddush cups; traditional styles with a contemporary touch, making them appropriate for every occasion for every type of home. There are exquisite Kiddush cups with an intricate Star of David design or images of Jerusalem in a sleek hammered design. Others are decorated with a pomegranate or peace dove. For women, there is a Miriam with Tambourine cup. Celebrate an anniversary or birthday with a Kiddush cup engraved with a wedding design or an “I am for my beloved” engraving. Enjoy a sterling silver tray with Kiddush cups to elegantly distribute wine after Kiddush. There are candlesticks for welcoming the Shabbat. For the traditional Havdalah ceremony when taking leave of Shabbat, there is a choice of stunning havdalah sets.

Sterling silver ritual items radiate an aura of luxury and splendor. Whichever item you choose from our collection, it will express your respect for Jewish practice and tradition. Ajudaica invites you to indulge and enjoy the magic of silver, honoring yourself, your home and Jewish practice.

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