Welcome the Jewish Sabbath with a variety of Shabbat observance items. Our Jewish gifts for the Sabbath include Challah covers and cutting boards, wine cups, Shabbat candles, Havdalah candles, Havdalah sets, Birkon holders, and other traditional items with tasteful traditional Judaica motifs.

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Showing 1-32 out of 1258 items

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Shabbat Judaica

Imagine stopping most of your activitis for 25 hours each week, having time to think, spend time with your family, turning inwards and stopping all outward activity. No car, phone, computer (!), work, an all the stuff which stops us from facing our inner selves. On Shabbat, we remember that the world is G-d's creation and He is master of all in it, including us. We attempt to come closer to Him in beautiful ways, elevating body and sould with prayers, delicious food during the three Seudas, or meals, spent with family and guests and studying the Torah.

One of the most significant symbols of Jewish identity, on Shabbat we remember that God took us out of Egypt and gave us this day as a remembrance of the Seven Days of Creation. It is a day on which we fill our spiritual batteries, summing up the fruit of our labor the past week, and blessing the week to come. It is celebrated with beautiful ceremonial items to enhance the festive tables. During the Friday night services, the "Woman of Valor" or Eshet Chayil prayer is recited, usually to traditional melodies, written by King Solomon as a tribute to the Jewish woman. Afterwards, the Kiddush is recited over a beautiful goblet and tray, and then after ritual Netilat Yadayim, or ritual washing of the hands, one of the two Challohs on the Challah Board is cut with a challah knife and the appropriate blessing is said.One then enjoys the Shabbat Seudah prepared with delicious foods. It is said that the great Rabbis started preparing and buying delicacies on Sunday for the following Shabbos, in anticipation of this great day. This process of renewal occurs every week, recharging spiritual and physical batteries until next week!

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