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Company Profile

aJudaica.com is managed by Pe'er Hastam gifts from Israel, an Israeli company established in 2003 for the manufacture, sales and marketing of Religious Articles, Judaica and Dead Sea Cosmetics. Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with leading Judaica brand names in Israel. We offer only the highest quality products at the most attractive prices. We keep our prices low by shipping the products directly from Israel.

Management offices, Shipping Departments and Warehouses are situated in Bnei Brak, a religious city near Tel Aviv.

The Departments

Pe'er Hastam consists of five departments;

  • Marketing of religious articles and Judaica products worldwide through the website "aJudaica.com".
  • Sales of religious articles within Israel at the website "Tefillinet.com".
  • Manufacture of Tefillin, Mezuzot, and Sefer Torah.
  • Marketing of Dead Sea Cosmetics.
  • Silkscreening of T-shirts and kippahs.

The Website

  1. Website Management
    Our website was established in 2003, and offers more than 2000 items relevant to Judaica and Israel. Our goal is to enable clients to enjoy one-stop shopping for everything from Menorahs to Kippot and much more. We work with the largest manufacturers in Israel in order to supply our customers with the finest quality Judaica for Shabbat, holidays, shofars, tallits and more. We purchase large quantities so that we can offer you substantial price reductions.

  2. Marketing in Israel.
    Within Israel, we operate a website called Tefillinet.com, where we sell Tefillin and Mezuzahs to retail and wholesale clients. Our customer base includes large firms and entities such as;
    Knesset - The Israeli Parliament
    Bezeq - Israeli Telephone Company
    Building and Construction Firm - Z. Landau
    Shapir Construction, Civil and Marine Engineering Company
    Plasan Armor Solutions
    And more ...

  3. Manufacture of Religious Articles
    Here's how we prepare and manufacture Religious Articles in our workshop.
    First of all, we employ expert, God fearing Sofrim (scribes), who write the parchments for Tefillin and Mezuzot. Then the parchments are sent for a computer check, in addition to proofreading by an expert scribe, who grades the writing and parchment according to kashruth (invalid, kosher, enhanced - mehudar). Then we insert the parchment into the batim, polish and paint the titura, (bottom of the batim).
    We employ an expert for tying all types of tzitzit (Ashkenaz, Sefardic, Yemenite, Techelet)
    Embroidery on religious articles;
    Our embroiderer carries out expert personalized embroidery on tallit bags, kippot, tallitot, and Sefer Torah mantles.

  4. Dead Sea Products
    So that we can supply you with the best of the Dead Sea Products, we offer a variety of products from leading firms such as:

    • Mineral Care
    • Ein Gedi
    • Ahava
    • Premier
    • Health & Beauty
      We also operate a special website for Dead Sea Cosmetics.
  5. Silkscreen printing in t-shirts and kippot.
    We process all types of silkscreening on shirts, with emphasis on themes relevant to the State of Israel and the Israeli Defence Forces. In addition, we personalize and decorate suede and velvet kippot.

The People

Yossi Belz - Manager, Pe'er Hastam
Graduate of "Ateret Yisrael" and "Maalot HaTorah" Yeshivot.
Expert Torah scribe, inspector and proofreader of religious STaM parchments.
Graduate of Computer Engineering Studies

Oriel Sela - Marketing, Website Promotion and Advertising
Bachelors degree of Economics at Bar Ilan University
Expert at electronic commercial website management

Aharon Belz - Manager, Tefillin and Mezuzot Manufacture Department
Graduate of "Kol Torah" Yeshiva.

Yocheved Mateles - Customer Service Department

Rivka Gutman - Shipping Department

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