Our commitment to quality, we have a department for Manufacture of Tefillin and Mezuzot. Tefillin includes several levels of Kashrut, You can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality set for each level of Kashrut. Each one is checked both by computer and by a certified scribe. Our Tefillin are 100% Kosher and made in Israel. For more information read our Tefillin Guide.

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Showing 1-32 out of 65 items

Price Range

The Tefillin Mitzvah

Which mitzvah begins at the age of 13 and continues each weekday for the rest of your life? If you said the Tefillin mitzvah, you guessed right.

Our Specialty

At aJudaica, we are passionate about helping Jews acquire kosher Tefillin. It all began years ago when founder, Yossi Belz, was troubled to see how many Jews, unaware of the laws, were being persuaded by unscrupulous dealers to purchase Tefillin that were outright frauds. He established aJudaica to sell Tefillin and to ensure that every Jew could make an informed choice on the type of Tefillin that he wishes to buy.

That is why you will find on our website a wide range of prices for our Tefillin. Quality and kashrut level is directly linked to the Tefillin's cost. A higher price means a higher quality of parchment, superior boxes and straps. It is as simple as that. We pride ourselves on 100% honesty. Prices are competitive and above all, we urge our customers to feel free to call and discuss their needs with us.

Buying Tefillin online is a major decision. We want to help you make sure that your purchase is relevant to your need. Reaching out to the world, we sell our Tefillin on Amazon too. Be assured, our service guarantee applies wherever you purchase our products. We want our customers to be satisfied and from the high number who return to us again and again, it seems that they are!

The aJudaica Tefillin Levels

We offer various levels of Tefillin. P'shutim, the most inexpensive, made with many leniencies, are for boys who will hardly be wearing their Tefillin beyond the bar mitzvah celebration. Of course, this is sad for us but we pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers so that they are fully informed.

For customers looking for a higher quality product that has been checked, and carries a Kashrut certificate and/or Guarantee, there are more costly Tefillin ranging from what are called Bar Mitzvah Tefillin to Tefillin Dakot and Gassot which will last a lifetime. To maintain its standars, aJudaica employs a team of scribes who are G-d fearing Jews, familiar with the intricate laws and have years of experience and expertise in writing holy scrolls.

Tefillin Language

Tefillin has a vocabulary of its own. To help you understand what you are buying – and what we are selling – here is a list of the most commonly used words in the Tefillin market with a brief description.

  • Shel Rosh – this is the Tefillin box placed on the head. Inside are four compartments holding parchment scrolls, with hand-written Torah texts
  • Shel Yad – the Tefillin box placed on the arm. It holds a single parchment scroll with the same four Torah texts as hand-written in the head Tefillin
  • Batim - Boxes for Tefillin Shel Rosh and Tefillin Shel Yad – special leather and black ink are used. The boxes must be absolutely square
  • Retzuot – the straps to which the boxes are attached. Various levels of quality for the leather are reflected in the price you will pay for them
  • K'tav Beit Yossef – this is the most common style of parchment script used by Ashkenazi Jews from Western Europe, Russia and Lithuania
  • K'tav Ari – also known as S'fard parchment script. It is generally used by those following the Chassidic and Kabbalistic life style
  • Tefillin Dakot – Batim made from a stretched single piece of thin leather. Easily invalidated if knocked. Can last up to ten years with good care.
  • Tefillin Gassot – recommended as the best. Batim made from a single piece of top quality leather. Strong and durable. Usually last a lifetime.
  • Right or Left Handed - Usually the Tefillin Shel Yad, hand-tefillin are wound around the left arm. If you are a lefty, wind on the right arm.

Don't Forget the Accessories

In order to check that the Head Tefillin is correctly place, we offer a choice of small size handy mirrors that fit neatly into the Tefillin bag. Many have the Tefillin prayer printed on them too.

For protection of the Tefillin Shel Yad, the arm Tefillin, you will find on our website a small protective plastic cover that attaches itself neatly to the box. Great for Bar Mitzvah boys.

An ingenious idea that aJudaica promotes is a small black leather magnetic clip that holds together the arm Tefillin straps. Opens and closes with ease. Perfect for Bar Mitzvah boys.

Huge Selection of Tefillin Bags

AJudaica wants to help you protect your precious Tefillin in a way that expresses your respect for these sacred prayer items. You will find on our website a huge selection. It will be hard to choose from the hundreds of creative, colorful, classic and contemporary designs. The classic styles in black or blue velvet are always popular. Yair Emanuel, maestro of harmony and colors has a superb collection and Ronit Gur offers an incredible selection. Many include beloved Jewish motifs and prayer words making them especially appropriate.

Usually, Tefillin bags comes as a set with a matching larger size tallit bag. If you wish to purchase only the Tefillin bag, make sure that this option is available.

Personalize your Tefillin bag by writing your name on one of the corners. You can choose Hebrew or English letters in any color thread. Any difficulties – just call our office staff.

One of the most successful innovations of recent years is the insulated Tefillin holder bag. We stock these in a wide choice of colors and from the sales, we see that it is extremely popular. The perfect gear for hikers, campers, or anyone out on a trip, it gives peace of mind knowing that your Tefillin – and tallit too- are fully protected from the elements.

In Conclusion…

All over the world, bar mitzvah boys and adults are wearing Tefillin that have been prepared by aJudaica. We have sent our Tefillin to every part of the globe. It is a source of pride and satisfaction that aJudaica is part of this strengthening and observing of the great mitzvah of Tefillin.

Indeed, Tefillin is more than a Judaica item. It is our badge of identity, the contribution to our survival as a nation throughout the ages. So, although everyone likes to buy a bargain, we feel that Tefillin do not fall into that category. Whether you wear your Tefillin occasionally, regularly or every day – they are an expression of Jewish identity, worth in value much more than what you will pay for them.

"The Mitzvah of Tefillin has done more to preserve and further the high morality of our people than all the books on ethics that have ever been written."

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