Tefillin Parts

High standard Tefillin are made to last a lifetime, with careful maintenance. Here you can find everything you need for Tefillin maintenance and enhancement.

Accessories and parts for Tefillin

Buying a pair of Tefillin is a major Judaica purchase. Take your time and spend another moment or two browsing through our range of Tefillin accessories. Enjoy our choice of items especially designed to ensure that your Tefillin receive the care they need and deserve.

For those who need to replace the retzuos (straps) of their tefillin, we offer a head and hand straps, handmade of the highest quality. With time the black color of the boxes may fade. Our ink or ink pen will do an efficient correction job. Should you wish to replace the protective boxes holding your Tefillin, aJudaica has plastic Tefillin boxes of the highest quality. They come in different sizes.

When donning Tefillin it is important that the Head Tefillin be placed exactly in the center of the forehead. Instead of searching frantically for a mirror to check, we offer a choice of mirrors that come with the Tefillin prayer. Keep this in your Tefillin bag so that it is always accessible. You can protect your precious hand Tefillin boxes with our ingenious plastic protective cover. It remains permanently attached; no need to remove before making the blessing. If your moving tefillin straps disturb you during your prayers, you will enjoy aJudaica’s selection of Rabbinical approved clips with various designs.

AJudaica wishes you a lifetime use of your Tefillin, a Mitzvah observed and cherished from Mount Sinai until today and has ensured the continuity of the Jewish nation. “The Mitzvah of Tefillin has done more to preserve and further the high morality of our people than all the books on ethics that have ever been written.” (Rabbi Meir Jung)

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