Tefillin Peshutim

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Tefillin Peshutim

Jewish Wall Hangings

Wall decorations add grace and beauty to the home as well as expressing your taste and personality. When the decorations have a Jewish flavor, they become especially meaningful. They imbue the space with a note of spiritual energy that is always welcome. You can be sure that a Judaica wall hanging will also be a conversation item especially if it contains Hebrew wording.

Shraga Landesman’s Wall Hangings

We warmly recommend that you consider the Judaica wall hangings of artist Shraga Landesman. Living and working in Israel, his celebrated arts works have recreated the past in a contemporary setting. Using aluminum and occasionally wood, he has produced items of rare beauty that are admired for their function and beauty. His metal wall hangings come with a decorative chain. At 3.7 inches diameter, the hanging discs are small in size but great in the value of their message. They all feature well-known verses from the Bible or prayers.

The Collection

The discs with quotations from Song of Songs extol the beauty of love. Others display the dove and quote words that praise the value of peace. You will find a delicate bird in flight poised in the center of a Star of David. The famous Anna BeKoach prayer is celebrated in an eye-catching wall hanging. Naturally, there are Hamsa decorations – the mystical Hamsa hand that represents protection and freedom from the evil eye. Around the border is a mystical fish.

One of the most striking hangings in the collection is a delicate upturned pomegranate in which are engraved the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Your guests will enjoy searching for the letters! The same design is repeated on birch wood in a choice of color themes.

With each item comes an explanatory note detailing the source of the Hebrew quotation.

The Perfect Gift – For Yourself or Others!

A Shraga Landesman wall decoration will bring elegance and a touch of class to your home. They make delightful gifts that will be recognized for what they are – an exclusive and timeless work of art that will be admired and give lasting joy.

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