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When the going gets tough, the tough get going, with their rugged Tfidanit Tefillin Carriers, great for camp, army or anywhere the Tefillin need extra protection! For standard velvet Tefillin Bags, please go to the following page - Tallit & Tefillin Bags

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Tifdanit - Tefillin Carrier and Bags

Jewelry can be changed, homes are renovated, clothing is updated. But, the tefillin a boy receives at his bar mitzvah usually last a lifetime and in old age, most people are still using their bar mitzvah tefillin.

It is important therefore to protect this precious possession, keeping it intact and in good condition. If your son is off to camp or planning a hike or starting army service, you will want to make sure that that his tefillin will not be damaged by sun, rain or water or by extreme changes in the climate, or from the knocks and bumps and other accidents that can happen out in the open.

aJudaica presents the perfect solution – a hard plastic thermal tefillin case that double seals your tefillin. It comes together with a protective waterproof tallit bag that wraps around the tefillin bag giving perfect protection for both. There is a pouch for a siddur and a carrying handle and shoulder strap for convenience. Also included are a compass, comb and Traveler’s Prayer. Although basically the design is identical for all the tefillin and tallit carrier bags, there is a choice of colors: dark green, olive green, blue, gray or a dark and light blue. The soldier or soldier to be will enjoy the camouflage carriers with their familiar brown and green colors. Of course, for the traditional, there is the standard black Tefillin and Tallit bag.

An aJudaica tefillin carrier bag makes a stylish bar mitzvah gift. Why not present it to your son before he sets off on his camping vacation or to a dear one who is a regular traveler. Whatever or whoever, a tefillin carrier bag reflects the importance of the Mitzvah of tefillin and ensures that it can be fittingly observed in all times and all places.

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