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The Festival of Sukkot is Biblically referred to as “a time of joy.” Ajudaica has a selection of items to prepare you for these special days of joyous activity.

Children will love our cheerful Sukkah stationery. Also for children - our “Shana Tova” book filled with prayers and stories for the month of Tishrei. The text is in Hebrew but the magnificent illustrations speak to the heart of any child.

For your hostess or guests, consider our Tishrei prayer book, filled with the appropriate prayers for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur or Sukkot. We recommended it as an eloquent party presentation.

For Simchat Torah, aJudaica is child-orientated. With our toy-stuffed Torah scrolls, children will be thrilled to join their fathers in the circle of dancing in the Synagogue. Why not indulge a child you love with a special gift - our beautifully illustrated children’s Torah scroll. Its sturdy wood handles and velvet mantle are packed in a pretty gift box. This cherished gift will be enjoyed throughout the year.

A highlight on Simchat Torah is the Kol HaNearim ceremony when all the under bar mitzvah age children in the Synagogue stand under one huge Tallit stretched like a canopy over their heads as together they receive an Aliyah to the Torah. It is a deeply moving moment for fathers, mother, grandparents and all members of the Synagogue.

Why not present a meaningful gift to your Synagogue – a special Kol HaNearim Tallit. Its huge size will adequately cover all the children. Discuss with our staff if you would like it with fringes, embroidery, or if you wish to vary the size. It is a gift that will be used only once a year, making it an exclusive presentation for the emotionally-laden Kol HaNearim experience. The tallit will be passed from generation to generation. What an eloquent way to honor the memory of a dear one or to pay tribute to that very special father or grandfather.

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