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I just received my order an hour ago and am very, very pleased with the quality and appearance. Everything is beautiful! I am so glad that I decided to order from your company. Thank you!

Jon S., USA 1/2018

I just received tefillin I ordered for my student. I just want to say if find your company to be very reliable and the delivery prompt. Product received in exact size and quality as illustrated. My last shipment was in a very water logged box, but your heavy plastic wrapping around the tefillin kept them dry.

Rabbi W. K., US 1/2018

Wanted to let you know that the order arrived by mail yesterday. I was very pleased with the items and they were as pictured & described on-line. I was surprised & happy to see that each tallit set was in a clear vinyl zippered plastic bag. My local Judaica store charges an extra $6.00 for those cases. Thanks so much for everything.

Howard W., USA 12/2017

I received my order today. I like it very much. Your customer service was amazing1 Do not change anything. It was THE BEST experience I had dealing with an online business. TODAH RABBAH

Marilyn M., USA 12/2017

Just wanted to say. Thank you! My shofar is amazing. Truly worth the wait.

Carla C., US 10/2017

Thank you for the fast delivery, very satisfied

Аnna 10/2017

Friends, This is just to tell you that my shofar just arrived and it's great -- it blows easily and sounds clear and good! You might like to know that I am, for part of the year, on an island in the gulf of Maine, so the shofar-practise resounds over green fields, pine forest, and salt water. Eagles and Ospreys and Deer listening! In 3 weeks I'll head to my other home in Wisconsin, in time for the High Holidays, and where my other shofar awaits me. Now I won't have to carry it back and forth, as I'll have a good shofar awaiting me in each place. Thank you so much!

Bici B., US 8/2017

I thanks for you comprehension and customer service, I notice you that I recieve my shofar and I so happy for the order. I recommend your website for buy the qualified shofar. Thanky and God Bless You!.

Max G., USA 8/2017

i am VERY impressed with the quick delivery! thank-you. we’ll have our new tzitzit wrapped well in time for the High Holidays.

Paula W, Canada 7/2017

I received my wooden Mezuzah today and I am very happy please know that I will be doing more business with you because your integrity is impeccable. I am already telling others here to order from you. Thank you very Much.

Tom O., USA 7/2017

aJudaica.com is a wonderful business to buy from. Their products are high quality and they make sure you get what you order. I highly recommend their store and all of their products. Even if they mistake your item for a wrong item, they will fix it all you have to do is talk to them. They reflect the true Hebrew way of life. They know and understand what it is like to be a customer.

Thomsa A 7/2017

Hi Ariel Thanks for bringing the talit to the hotel to exchange. Wonderful services. Much appreciate it

George M. 7/2017


Barb M., Australia 6/2017

Thank you so much! They got here yesterday- in plenty of time! I appreciate it so much and will tell my friends who are looking for Tefillin for camp as well how easy you made it.

Beth W., USA 6/2017

I want to say "thank you" to your company for the beautiful tallit, I purchased and the fast delivery of getting it to me! My husband was very pleased with his gift! I will be recommending aJudaica to our friends.

Sarah G. US 6/2017

Amazing!!!...It is 10:45 am on Friday, June 16 and my postman has just delivered my order!!! That's less than 6 days to reach Toronto, Canada! And I assume you didn't work on Saturday the 10th, so it's really less than 5 days! Service just doesn't get any better than this! The items arrived in excellent condition and I couldn't be happier. It's just a pleasure doing business with your company. thank you,

Marc G, Canada 6/2017

I am now in receipt of the above order and not only am I delighted with the quality of the products but must compliment your company on the sheer professionalism of the whole operation of dealing with you. The quality of the web site, responses to my enquiries, the ease of ordering, timely dispatch and totally transparent delivery details. Thank you and we shall have no hesitation in recommending your services to all

Robin C., Australia 6/2017

Thanks so much!!! We received the package this week. The Tzuki piece is beautiful and the recipients love the gift as well. Thanks again.

Judy Z. 5/2017

I made it to the post office today to pick up the Menorah all the way from Israel. Wow, I love it! It is absolutely perfect. Great value. Thanks very much for getting it here.

Wade E., US 4/2017

I want to let you know that i received my order and i'am very pleased with the quality of the items. Thank you and shalom !

Damaris S., US 3/2017
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