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I purchased a Mezuzah for my 4yr old Granddaughter. Love the design and the price is great. I purchased beautiful sterling silver jewelry from Judaica twice before. The quality and price were great and I will definitely buy from them again! I recommend Judaica as they have a lot to choose from in all price ranges.
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Jane 11/2020

We wanted a shofar for our home - to draw the Lord to household. We were greatly pleased with the beauty and craftmanship of our new shofar. It far exceeded our expectations, and we are delighted. Can't wait to show it to our friends and family.
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Pastor Dick 11/2020

aJudaica has a large selection of products with many choices to pick from. I have not come across another website that surpasses them. Their customer service has also been very helpful and prompt.
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Teo 11/2020

The product is amazing, and in excellent shape. Packaged to withstand the traveling it has to go through.
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Excellent 11/2020

The tefillin and talit and tefillin bags are high quality. My grandson's name in Hebrew and English makes this a very special gift that he will treasure. The quality and aesthetic of the design and lettering is excellent. Tracking told me it would be delivered for three different days before it actually was delivered.
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mikeb 10/2020

These are quality products. I have used them for several years with great results. The website is easy and secure to place an order. They ship it soon after you place the order. It takes a rather long time to arrive as an international package. Order tracking could be more clear. That is the only drawback, but worth the hassle for the products.
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Blackie 10/2020

Iím overwhelmed. More beautiful than I expected and I didnít know if interim Rabbi would help me with blue Tzitzit and it came FINISHED PERFECTLY. As a new convert, I am so glad I found you
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Yael 10/2020

Hello. We received the tallit and it is AMAZINGLY beautiful. THANK YOU for providing such an absolute masterpiece of work. Gorgeous.

The R. Family 9/2020

I teach a childrenís Jewish Studies class in Scotland. We have no Judaica store anywhere near us and I really wanted to show the kids what it means to be Jewish. After consulting with Yocheved who gave me so much of her precious time I made a great selection from your website. In spite of Covid-19, the order arrived in two weeks. Now, I have arranged the items on a special table and called it "Strolling through the Jewish year!" Parents also came to see it and I recommended to them your website and impressive service. Hope you hear from them.

Evelyn, Scotland 9/2020

I am a high risk so I donít go out these days - certainly not to the stores. Your site was a gem. I did my shopping as if I was looking at the items in a Judaica store. I compared prices and most of yours were cheaper. So, I definitely plan to shop here again.

Ben 9/2020

One of my congregants asked me to purchase the bar mitzvah Tefillin for his son. Having had positive experience with your website I decided to order from your good selves. I report that I am highly satisfied and I conveyed to my congregant that he has received good value for his money. I look forward to making more orders through your company.

Rabbi Sabbah, England 9/2020

I received a tallit from this company and had them add the blue thread at the corners. I am very happy with the tallit. The corner strings were so long but they are probably supposed to be. I am very happy with my purchase, It was easy to order and got to me in good time. I would definitely buy from them again and refer my friends to buy from them.
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Lori M 8/2020

Great shofar. It has been a pleasure so far. I will definitely recommend. Blessings.
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Happy customer 8/2020

The products exceeded my expectations and, as with my prior orders, they arrived as promised. This is a wonderful place to shop online, and the customer support could not be better. Ajudaica is a real find!
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daviddc3 8/2020

I love the craftsmanship and detail in their prayer shawls/tallits and their prices are the best! I've already recommended them to friends who ordered. Will definitely order again.
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Izaya 8/2020

Thanks you so much for the amazing ajudaica clothing and jewelry that we ordered. We were more than please with the products, the price and their quality. We will wear them with honour. We were also pleased with the prompt service and delivery. We will certainly use ajudaica for any future purchases, as it is a terrific company to work with.

Lorne H., US 8/2020

I want to express my thanks and tell you our merchandise has arrived and is beautiful!! We gave this as a gift to some special friends and they were thrilled, they said, "it is stunning!". Thank you SO much. I look forward to my next purchase!! Best regards,

Julie, U.S. 8/2020

I will always recommend ajudaica this is my 2nd shofar ans my 2nd talit live the quality and sound of my shofar
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BECKY 8/2020

Excellent products and service
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Garrison56 8/2020

Easy to talk to. Available on first call. Worked with me and gave me advise on correct size of mezuzahs for cases.
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Michael 8/2020
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