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Showing 1-32 out of 162 items

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Israeli Unique Fashion Jewelry

aJudaica is committed to offering a wide choice of fashionable, low-cost jewelry items that will suit every woman’s taste and personality. Scroll through our fashion jewelry category and enjoy a huge selection - suitable for young and old - from the nine’s to the ninety-five’s. Whether it is necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings or anklets, aJudaica has something for everyone – coming to you from Israel, created by Israeli designers.

In the past, a woman’s jewelry would entail a few costly jewelry items of gold or other precious metals that were usually a status rather than a fashion coordinate. Besides the risk of damage, theft or loss, women became bored with items that were worn again and again. Then, fashion jewelry swept the world and today, it is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. It imitates costly jewelry but uses less expensive materials and semi-precious stones. Swarovski crystals add glamor and class. Fashion jewelry is trendy and versatile – suitable for day or evening wear, expressing taste and personality.

aJudaica’s selection of fashion jewelry is vibrant, versatile and affordable enabling you to rotate the items, wearing and enjoying them “here and now.” No longer necessary to keep that expensive jewelry for special occasions. As your taste and fashion styles change, you will enjoy adding or replacing items.

Meet the aJudaica artists…

The with-it crowd is an avid follower of Gal Cohen, a young trendy Israeli designer who knows just what our youth want to wear. Her bursts of creative energy express Israeli style at its best!

If you are more the more conventional type, we recommend Edita jewelry - hand-crafted masterpieces that speak of class and elegance, evoking memories and emotions - guaranteed for compliments and admiring glances.

Well-known Judaica artist Ester Shahaf has added jewelry to her repertoire of Judaica items. Her lavish use of colorful beads and Swarovski crystals create jewelry that makes every woman look and feel a million dollars.

Impress your friends with an Amaro jewelry item. An internationally recognized artist, her exotic designs use of semi-precious stones, drawn from many cultures and backgrounds, carry inspired messages of beauty, love and protection.

Artist Dana Tovia lives and works in the Judea Hills – a constant source of inspiration and renewal for the delicate beauty of her jewelry. A favorite gift of love is her sterling silver and pearl pendant featuring two doves gazing adoringly at each other.

Present your beloved with a stunning Nano Gold item. His religiously inspired necklaces feature tiny prayers and holy words deciphered with a magnifying glass. You won’t need a magnifying glass to admire the spectacular beauty of each item!

Israeli designer Orly Zeelon’s jewelry is a no-fail winner. Every necklace with its matching earrings is exquisitely designed with attention is given to every detail. The result is a gorgeous item that will impress and dazzle.

A popular well-known line is the Adina Plastelina jewelry using the ancient Millefiori technique. The result is jewelry that immortalizes the world of nature with a timeless grace that will be cherished and worn again and again.

The classic jewelry item that never loses its charm is the silver necklace engraved with a name or message – the perfect gift for bat mitzvahs, birthdays or any occasion when you want to express friendship and appreciation.

So, we invite you to stroll through our fashion jewelry selection and feel the world of glamor and beauty opening before you. Make a dream come true with a piece of jewelry that adds that finishing touch. The world of beauty opens other windows. When you look your best, you are ready to conquer the world.

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