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Proudly identify with the IDF Israeli Army with these Dogtag Pendants, IDF Bullet pendants and Israeli Army Unit Insignias.

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Showing 1-32 out of 77 items

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Israel Defense Forces Pendant

Now is the time to display your loyalty to the IDF, Israel’s Defense Forces. The courage of its young soldiers defending the country’s borders from those who wish its destruction deserves our respect. Wear an IDF dog tag or bullet pendant and show that you care. Israeli army jewelry is an expression of respect and admiration for the country and its young soldiers who risk their lives to defend and protect the borders.

Know your abbreviations… IDF is an acronym for Israel’s Defense Forces, known in Hebrew as Tzahal. It was founded by Ben Gurion in 1948, soon after the victorious War of Independence. Today, IDF has the reputation of being the world’s best army. Is there another army in the world with such a magnificent reputation?

IDF jewelry is the way young people all over the world demonstrate their support for Israel’s soldiers. Ajudaica has a huge collection of low-cost pendants that will appeal to you. Equally suitable for men and women, they carry symbols and messages. The pendants hang from metal or rubber cord chains. So, scroll through and take your pick.

The most popular pendant continues to be the Star of David, the mystical six-pointed star, traditional Jewish symbol through the ages that also figures prominently on the flag of Israel. Many of our Star of David pendants display the letters IDF or the equivalent Hebrew letters in the six corners. Other proudly portray the emblem of the Air Force or the Paratroopers in the center. Bring positive energy to your life with a Hamsa Star of David.

If your friend or relative or neighbor is serving in the Armed Forces, sport the insignia of his brigade or fighting group to show your support. You will find Golani, one of the army’s crack fighting forces with the olive tree symbol, or the outstretched wings of the Air Force emblem, or the Paratroopers, armored corps, Police and others. Your IDF dog tag demonstrates your patriotism to Israel and to all those soldiers wearing their identity discs.

For that manly look, wear a bullet pendant – a miniature replica of the bullets used in the rifles in the various army divisions. Their beautiful bronze color will match any outfit. Pay tribute to the Mossad, Israel secret intelligence service with a low-cost chain on a rubber chain.

Whatever you choose, wear and enjoy! Army jewelry will help you find new friends who share your loyalty and enthusiasm for Israel. Without words your pendant declares, “I love Israel!”

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