Bat Mitzvah Gifts

When a Jewish girl becomes 12 she attains spiritual maturity and takes responsibility for her deeds. This momentous milestone is celebrated with family and friends, often accompanied by a Mitzvah (commandment) which the new adult performs, such as separating Challah dough prior to baking the Challah.

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Showing 1-13 out of 13 items

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Gifts for Bat Mitzvah

These delicate items will delight the Bat Mitzvah girl with their feminine accents and beauty. You can participate from afar too, letting her know that your good wishes accompany her on life's journey. The revolving light earrings by Israeli designer Orly Zeelon will sparkle and shine, matching any outfit and style with their youthful charm. Adina Plastelina has created charming hand crafted silver jewelry with depth and color, with their thousand flower design, in star of David or hamsa shapes. The young lady can keep her jewelry in a pomegranate designed jewelry box by Yair Emanuel which will also beautify her room. Ester Shahaf has created a silver bracelet with meaningful charms. It is decorated with a Star of David as a Jewish symbol, hamsa to ward off the evil eye and sparkling pink beads.

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