Israeli Culture & History

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History of Israel, Country and State

The Biblical Israel, the Promised Land, is replete with history in every corner of this small country. Described as being at the center of the world, fought over by many nations with a rich cultural and religious history. The Holy Land Journey takes you an a journey back in time and re-traces most of Israeli History to the beginning of time. The Jerusalem DVD gives a comprehensive and historical overview of this great city, while the Temple in Jerusalem explains the details of the Jewish Holy Temples in Yerushalayim. Masads describes the famous stand of the Jews trapped in this mountain fortress, surrounded by Roman forces. For more modern day events, Israel-Birth of a Nation DVD surveys the history surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel, and the IDF Israeli Army DVD's such as Clear Skies, Operation Thunderbolt, Wars of Israel and more go into thrilling details of the IDF exploits.

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