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Jewish Religious and Ceremonial Articles

The items featured here are used for Jewish ceremonial practices, some exclusively in the synagogue, some at home and others are used in both locations. For examples, the Torah scrolls are almost exclusively used in the shul, or synagogue, however there are circumstances where one is brought into a private home for various purposes such as a home where individuals are mourning, or sitting shiva, to use the Hebrew term. Then a Sefer Torah is brought into the house so that the male members of the family can hear the bi-weekly Torah reading, as it is forbidden for them to leave the house. The Sefer Torah is written by a holy scribe using age old tradition and Halacha, and can be prepared according to Sefardic or Ashkenaz Custom. Then a ornate Mantle is prepared for it, often with a memorial inion, and a Torah Belt is lovingly placed around the middle. Often it is brought to the synagogue in a festive parade with all community members carrying it under a Huppah to it's new home as the onlookers sing and dance fervently. The Torah reading is done while using the Yad, or Torah pointer, used as a helpful tool in pointing out the correct place to the Torah Reader. The ritual washing done before meals and upon waking in the morning is done with Netilat Yadayim Cups, available in standard or decorative items, often matching the home decor. The Mayim Achronim cups are used to ritually wash hands after meals, before reciting the Grace after Meals, or benching. As charity is an important part of the Jewish culture, since one is commanded to tithe one's earnings, the Tzedakah boxes are often put on the Shabbat table for the woman of the house to use before candle lighting, or for a synagogue, as a useful and decorative item.

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