Matzah Plates and Matzah Trays

Matzah (or Matzo) is the unleavened bread that observant Jews eat at Passover in place of bread. These colorful and tasteful Passover Seder Matzah plates, trays and boxes come in a variety of original designs and shapes. They are made of a variety of materials: pewter, silver, ceramic and glass. These Passover Matzah plates are priced to fit every pocket and make perfect Jewish gifts for the Passover holiday.

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Showing 1-32 out of 36 items

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The design and color of the Matzah Plate or Tray on which you lay the Matzah will give your table the final touch - to be noticed, admired and used with pleasure. Ajudaica offers a variety to fit your style and taste. There are dishes in pewter, silver, ceramic, glass and metals with different shapes and sizes that allow the matzahs to stand upright or lie flat.

A wide choice of low-cost classic Matzah Plates have the word Matzah written in Hebrew in the center. Glass artist Itay Mager’s traditional plate has a shimmering blue frame. Yair Emanuel’s Matzah plates will liven up your table with his vivid colors and cheerful designs. Dorit Judaica delicate pomegranate designs cut into stainless steel capture the spirit of tradition with modern art techniques.

Always original and innovative, ArtOri offers a fresh look with his “Standing on Edge” Matzah Plate. Equally popular is the black metal Matzah tray of Peleg dramatically displaying the Exodus - camels and all. If you are looking for a fresh table look, consider the colorful Barbara Shaw fabric Matza baskets tied with ribbons. Adi Sidler also offers contemporary style Matzah plates.

The highlight of aJudaica’s collection are the art works of Laura Cowan, a dazzling young artist whose polished metal works of Judaica are prestigious items recognized immediately for their quality, original design and exclusive appearance.

Ajudaica’s Matzah Plates and Trays make delightful gifts that will always be welcome. They can be used on Seder Night or throughout the Holiday. Have more than one plate on your table so that guests can comfortably help themselves to your delicious Matzah.

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