Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Here are meaningful gifts for the Bar Mitzvah boy who will be delighted to receive these items symbolizing his passage into Jewish spiritual maturity. From the practical Tefillin carrier to decorative Torah pointers and much more, you can participate from near or far in this important milestone.

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Showing 1-32 out of 36 items

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Special Gifts for Bar Mitzvah Boy

You are invited to a Bar Mitzvah celebration and you want to present a gift to the star of the evening – the boy who has just turned thirteen years old and is now, according to Jewish law, a responsible adult. The occasion is usually commemorated with a party for relatives and friends and it is appropriate to bring a gift for the young man. Usually, bar mitzvah gifts have a religious nature and aJudaica offers you a selection. Since the Bar Mitzvah re-affirms the boy's Jewish identity, our gifts are connected to Jewish practice and tradition.

For the Synagogue experience, there is an exquisite Gabrielli tallit. You will find a wider choice in the tallit categories. Together with this is a choice of handsome Pointers that the bar mitzvah boy can use for his Torah Reading ceremony.

When he becomes bar mitzvah, a boy begins to don Tefillin daily. A popular gift is our thermal Tefillin carrier bag. Perfect for camp days or for that long hike when the Tefillin need protection from water and sun.

A Shofar is a magnificent gift. Whether it is used for blowing or decoration, it will be cherished for years. Young boys especially love the long curved style of the Yemenite Shofar. AJudaica offers a huge selection in its Shofar category.

Decoration for a boy's room is the popular Beit Hamikdash clock displaying an image of the Temple. A beautiful wall hanging is Dvora Black's Blessing for Sons, decorated with pressed flowers from the Hills of Judea. You will also find in this section of selected gifts a wooden bookstand or a book written for bar mitzvah boys giving a full perspective on the mitzvah of Tefillin.

In conclusion - it is customary at the celebration to wish the young boy and his family – "Mazal Tov" – warm and heartfelt blessings for a long, happy and active life.

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