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Jewish Holiday Songs on CD

Music plays a vital role in the Jewish home, the Synagogue, Shabbat, Holidays and traditional celebrations. Whatever the season or Jewish event, music covers the full gamut of human emotions, speaking the language of the soul, conveying the depth of intense joy or sadness.

Music is a wonderful tool to be used by teachers and parents to effectively prepare children for the beautiful Jewish holidays – each one with its individual message expressed in word and song. Whether you live in Israel or any part of the world, you will enjoy AJudaica’s selection of CD’s. They will bring depth and vibrancy to your holiday celebration and long after the details are forgotten, the children will remember the music.

For Chanukah, we have a CD of eighteen songs. Some are the traditional favorites that we still remember with affection from our school days and others are newies, suitable for the musical taste of today’s kids. Perfect for that special family-time after kindling the Menorah is our Hanukkah and Winter Song CD – games and songs, old and new, filled with joy and based on the popular television program.

Still in joyful spirit, move on to the aJudaica Purim CD. You will love the modern twist given to those oh’ so traditional Purim songs that still have nostalgic charm for us. Use this for a Purim gift for those young children who bring you mishloach manot or keep it for the kids when you want to enjoy a cheerful sing-a-long session with them.

Use our Passover CD to prepare your children in advance for the tradition-laden Seder night. Besides the unforgettable Ma Nishtana chant, there are lots of other Hagaddah songs that the kids will love to learn and sing as a choir at the Seder. It will keep them awake and interested to the very end.

Tishrei is the Jewish month filled with every human emotion – from the solemnity of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to the joyful spirit of Sukkot. AJudaica’s two CD’s capture the essence of these special days. Channi Nachmias, well-known Israeli singer, actress and television personality presents a selection of old and new songs suitable for the Festivals of the month of Tishrei. Alternatively, we offer a CD featuring another television star, Ofrah Weingarten. With song and dance, she presents popular songs and stories from Smadar Shir.

Music touches parts of the brain that language does not reach. Say the words Hanukkah, Sukkot, Purim or Pesach and the reaction may be passive indifference. Start to sing the songs of the Festival days and faces will light up with pleasure, feet begin tapping and there is an infectious sense of joy. Let aJudaica CD’s help to create that wonderful response!

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