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Enjoy these quality, whimsical and just plain fun products from Jerusalem designer Barbara Shaw. Decorating everyday Judaica items with humor and flair, she just knows that you will love owning these housewares and giving them as gifts.

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Showing 1-24 out of 24 items

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Bubbling with enthusiasm and passion for her work, Israeli designer Barbara Shaw tells us that many people come into her store or begin to scroll online, looking for a gift for a friend or family members. They are so excited with the variety and originality of ideas and designs that they end up buying a gift or two for themselves too!

Barbara Shaw creates goods that are guaranteed to make you smile. Whether it is an item intended for him or for her, for home or table decoration, for personal use or clothing – each one has an inimitable Israeli style, making it irresistibly tempting when you want to choose a gift to bring back from Israel. Many of Barbara’s items carry amusing texts that are typical tongue in cheek Jewish humor. Others carry classic Yiddish expressions that have become part of the Israeli lexicon. You will find goods decorated with Israeli sights. Whatever it is – a Barbara Shaw gift is certain to keep alive and strengthen feelings of Jewish identity.

Growing up in Australia in a multi-lingual home, Barbara was familiar with Yiddish from a young age. After she made aliyah in the 1980’s, she set up a gift studio and store. The rest is history. Today, she has a flourishing store in Jerusalem and she also markets to leading museums and galleries. There is a continuous creative flow from her studio as she shares with us her creative and original gift products.

Scroll through the category. You will find aprons, shopping bags, mugs, clocks, placemats, makeup pouches, purses, onesies, T-shirts, bread baskets, dish towels, matzah covers – and much more. You will receive each item attractive packaged – ready to present as a gift to that special someone.

No doubt about it - Barbara Shaw has given a shake-up to traditional Judaica. She gives a fresh fun approach to Jewish tradition and judging by the response, people love it!

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