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When we saw the huge colorful selection of Barbara Shaw’s Jewish Mugs, we smiled and even had a good laugh. That is exactly what she wanted. These quirky mugs make perfect gifts – even if it’s just for yourself. We knew that this was something our customers will love. We were not disappointed!

Barbara Shaw, originally from Australia, is enthusiastic about her work. She brings to her craft a huge slice of Israeli wit, a love of tradition and her own brand of energy and humor. The result is an array of delightful Jewish gift mugs that are fun and sure to make you smile. She has a choice of over sixty designs. So, you are sure to find one that takes your fancy or carries your message. The chances are that you will be so enchanted that instead of presenting it as a gift, you will keep it for yourself!

There are lots of colorful appreciation mugs expressing gratitude or admiration for teachers, grandparents, siblings, friends or even the boss. The “Mamash, mamash Todah” mug is one of the many in the collection that capture Israeli colloquial expressions. (Try Savta Magnivah or Morah madlikah!). Remembering the Festival, there are mugs for Chanukah or Pesach. Barbara adores the Land of Israel, its views, its culture and its accomplishments – all expressed in colorful nostalgic mugs. What could be more Israeli than a mug decorated with red pomegranates or Jaffa oranges?

For those who, like herself, have Yiddish speaking roots, she has mugs with some great Jewish sayings. “Man plans and G-d laughs” or “If you can’t have what you like, then like what you have!” are just a few of the wonderful life proverbs that are printed on the mug in Yiddish in Hebrew letters. Finally, we have an entire line of humorous mugs where Barbara takes a step back and laughs at herself and all Jewish mothers!

All these gift mugs are pure ceramic, printed and finished in the Barbara Shaw studio in Jerusalem. Many are colored inside too, matching the outer design. AJudaica sends them to you carefully packed. You can add a gift message too making this a very special tribute of friendship, love or appreciation.

You want to present your mug personally? Make it even more meaningful and fill it with chocolates, candies or nuts.

Whenever, wherever, it is always the right time to sip a cup of coffee from a Barbara Shaw mug.

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