Jewish Baby Onesies and T-Shirts by Barbara Shaw

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Mazel Tov. A baby has been born. You want to share in the joy with an appropriate baby gift. You would like something with a Jewish flavor - a unique gift that will stand out as being special. Here is your solution - a Jewish Baby Onesie with a cute Jewish text.

They have been designed by Barbara Shaw, Israel’s leading gift artist. Originally from Australia, her Yiddish speaking roots are very much part of her creativity. AJudaica is proud to display the products of this talented artist who brings a new look to traditional Judaica items.

Her latest line is “onesies”, that small body suit for a baby, an essential clothing staple in any baby;s wardrobe, to keep him cozy and comfortable. Also called a bodysuit or creeper, Barbara Shaw’s onesies come with a color option: pink for girls or blue for boys. They have long sleeves and three snaps at the crouch and are made from 100% cotton with an option for a size of three, six or twelve months. Of course, they are machine washable.

Each design is so cute it will be hard for you to choose. There is “Welcome to the World” in Hebrew and English. What about “Mini Mensch”? Another has a caption in “Little Sabra” in Hebrew and English. Or, there is the Hebrew alphabet with corresponding pictures. What about “Gorgeous (Just like my Mon)! or the onesie with a picture of a baby bottle enclosing an invitation in Hebrew to join his party at 3:00 am in the morning!

Each onesie comes elegantly wrapped - ready for presentation. Ajudaica will also mail directly to most places in the world. Write your gift message when making the order and we will see to the rest.

Whilst buying for the baby, treat yourself to a Barbara Shaw man’s T-shirt. Also make from 100% pure cotton, they have short sleeves and come in medium, large and extra-large and jumbo large sizes. There is a choice of colors too. Of course, they are machine washable. Each one is printed with a striking Jewish texts. We bring you “Abba Sababa” which means “Dad. You are the greatest!” Another shirt is printed in Hebrew and English with the word “Faynshmeker” referring to a person who is a connoisseur on quality and only wants the best. Another shirt is printed with in Hebrew and English with “Vilde K’haye”- a term of affection for a lively active child.

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