Galilee Silk

Today, silk production is no longer a closely guarded secret. In spite of the many alternative synthetic materials, it is still the number one fabric for luxury and prestige. Its distinctive softness and shine, its floating feel and natural flowing look have given it an unrivalled reputation for Judaica, clothing and other uses.

Over 20 years ago, Shlomit Azati living on a kibbutz in the north of Israel, joined her artistic inspiration with a passion for silk fabric and founded Galilee Silks, a company producing silk Judaica items and clothing apparel. Maintaining a small staff of gifted artists, she has perfected various techniques for dying silk fabric and applying silk appliques. "Our customers are people who appreciate the luxurious qualities of silk and want to make this exclusive fabric part of their wardrobe."

AJudaica takes pride in bringing to its customers Galilee Silks' products.

You will find a wide choice of tallitot made from pure silk painted with magnificent eye-catching colors. Other tallitot are fabrics decorated with exquisite hand painted silk appliques.

Scroll through the Galilee Silks scarves selection. They come in a variety of sizes. Each one is a work of art, an expression of colorful energy that will enhance the appearance and outfit of the wearer.

We also offer a selection of Galilee Silks challah and matzah covers and afikomen bags. They will bring a luxurious look to your Shabbat or Holiday table.

If you are looking for that special gift for a friend, a dear one or someone special, we recommend a product from Galilee Silks. Scroll through the choice of luxurious items, all made in Israel in dynamic color themes that speak of joy and a love of life. Our customers have told us that the pictures do not do justice to the exquisite beauty of the products.

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