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Pesach Matzo covers

These items come in two shapes which match the two kinds of Matza eaten on Passover. Some eat the round hand made Matzah, and others the square machine made one. The common attribute between these two styles is that underneath the decorative cover they are divided into three separate compartments, to hold the three kind of Matzah needed at the Seder night. Kohein, Levi and Yisrael, no matter what school of though you adhere too, the division is still the same, traditional one into Kohen, who served and will serve in the Beit Hamikdash, the Levi who supplied the beautiful music and songs, and Yisrael, the rest of the Jewish people.

Matzah (or Matzo) is the unleavened bread that observant Jews eat at Passover in place of regular bread. It is an essential part of the Passover Seder observance. During the Passover Seder, the Matzah must be covered and uncovered at different times. Jewish traditional artisans have created a variety of attractive covers for this Jewish ritual. Our Matzah covers are of the highest quality materials and have lovely original designs. They make beautiful Jewish gifts that will be appreciated and used for many years.

Seder Plate and Afikoman cover sets for Pesach

The decorative matching sets for Passover come in two, three and four pieces. The two items are matching covers for the Matza and Afikoman, some of them by the Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, in stunning Judaic themes on raw silk. The three part matching set consists of a Matza and Afikoman cover, in addition to a decorative pillow case. The pillow is placed on the chairs in order to truly recline as kings and the effect is majestic and suitable for this holy night. The fourth item is a small hand washing towel, completing the beautiful effect of this holiday item.

Afikoman Covers

One of the high points of the Seder is when the Afikoman is hidden by the children and returned as a "bargaining chip" in return for gifts. This custom is so that the young ones will stay alert during the Seder and pay attention to the story of the holiday. These come in different shapes and materials, including terylene, silk and satin. The designer ones by Dorit come in a charming purse string bag with appropriate colorful decorations. The more traditional ones are of white satin with silver or gold color designs.Some of the designer ones are a set of matching Afikoman and Matzah cover set and make a beautiful gift for parents, bridegrooms or hostess gifts.

Afikoman Covers- Matzah (or Matzo) is the unleavened bread that observant Jews eat at Passover in place of bread. The Afikomen is a special portion of Matzah that is hidden as part of the Passover Seder ritual. Jewish traditional artisans have created a variety of attractive Afikoman coverings.

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