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Renowned Israeli artist, Laura Cowan, has brought a fresh look to traditional Judaica. Using stainless steel and aluminum, she alternates the shining and matt look. The result is exciting innovative Judaica items. Sleek and sophisticate, they celebrate Jewish tradition in modern contemporary style. Many of her pieces are already treasured collectors' items, displayed in museums and galleries worldwide.

Laura grew up in Manchester and studied silversmithing and jewelry in London. She always dreamt of settling in Israel and soon after she completed her studies, she moved to Tel Aviv. Brimming with ideas and creative dreams, she soon set up her own design studio and workshop. Recalling the "boring" Judaica items of her childhood, she was determined to introduce designs and themes that would interest and excite young people and help to encourage them to continue the beautiful traditions of the past.

She is enthusiastic about her work and often spends weeks experimenting with the materials and magnets that have become her hallmark. Her children are involved in the planning process and she shares her experiences in the blogs she writes for her many fans. She is thrilled to hear that her creative works of art are enhancing Jewish homes, inspiring pride in Shabbat and Festival observance.

Laura Cowan's handcrafted items include a repertoire for Shabbat – candlesticks and Kiddush cup; for Holidays - Menorahs, dreidels, Pesach ware and honey dishes and for the Jewish home – Mezuzah cases. Her designs are original and dynamic. Each item carries with it a story of inspiration – whether it is the seashore, the spacecraft or other topic of interest.

A Laura Cowan item is a fantastic gift. Indulge yourself or present it to a newly married couple about to set up their own home. Each item comes attractively boxed and we, at aJudaica, will be happy to add your personal message and have it delivered to any address all over the world.

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