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The calendar year is filled with Jewish holidays – each one with its special flavor of tradition, custom and of course Judaica items. Holidays are also a time for gift-giving, a time to strengthen ties and re-affirm relationships. Since many holidays are celebrated with family meals and get togethers, it is customary to present a gift to your hostess.

If you are looking for an exclusive gift that will change the look of the table and be a central conversation piece, stop by and stroll through our selection of Laura Cowan Holiday items. This young British-trained artist made Aliya and decided that her heart and future lay in Judaica. Her styles are innovative, original and contemporary whilst retaining the spirit of tradition. She has perfected the art of blending polished stainless steel and matt anodized aluminum. Her magnet techniques are her hallmark, making each piece an individual work of art.

For Rosh Hashanah, you will find a dramatic honey and apple dish. The ingenious ribbon, resting on a magnetic rod will grab everyone’s attention. Alternatively, go for her steel ribbon honey dipper. The gentle curves remind us of a pretty satin ribbon.

Pesach is Laura Cowan’s obvious favorite. There are stunning Seder Plates – each one with its distinctive story. Even when away from home, you can enjoy a distinctive Seder with her travel set Seder Plate set that packs up neatly after use – ready for next year.

We loved her selection of Matzah plates, displaying splendid originality. The superbly designed magnets give you an elegant choice of Matzahs standing upright or lying flat.

If you are looking for an exclusive gift Laura Cowan should definitely be your first choice.

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