Chanukah by Laura Cowan

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The Festival of Chanukah is also known as Festival of Lights. The glowing Chanukah collection of distinguished Judaica artist Laura Cowan is sure to bring the light of joy to your festival.

Arriving on the Tel Aviv scene from England, she has shaken up the traditional conservative Menorah style. Her designs are exciting, as dramatic as they are innovative. She has perfected a unique distinctive style, using anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The mirror shining surface alternates with a matt finish, creating a magnificent contemporary look that will take pride of place in the Jewish home.

You can think out of the box with her charming "one tin holds all" Menorah with candles. Or build bridges of friendship with her bridge Menorah. Inspired by the old-time elegant Bxx architecture of her Tel Aviv surroundings, she created the Tel Aviv Menorah. The waves of the nearby sea shore are recalled in her curved style Menorahs.

The ultimate creative activity of Laura Cowan is expressed in her fascination with the space age and the courageous trip of man into outer space, widening the horizons of the world and humanity. The planet Saturn is recalled with her sleek circular Menorah. Spin into space with her dreidel. She created Saturnxxx A fascinating innovation that she has perfected is her use of magnets. In this way, her colorful magnetic candle holders can be displayed differently every night.

Chanukah will never be the same after kindling a Laura Cowan Menorah. Notice the meticulous handwork that she personally gives to every item. For Laura, this is a labor of love that she wants to share with the world.

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