Shabbat by Laura Cowan

As a child, Laura Cowan was decidedly bored with the unimaginative Judaica that was standard fare in England. She decided that when she became an artist, she would create Shabbat candlesticks that would make everyone look twice.

She has fulfilled her dream. Today, Laura Cowan is a household name for people who appreciate prestigious quality art. Her contemporary exclusive-looking style has created a storm in traditional Judaica. The sleek elegant lines of her candlesticks have created a new style of visual beauty. They adorn the Shabbat in home all over the world.

Laura Cowan's Judaica item comes with an exciting name or an interesting background story. Her Shabbat candlesticks are no exception. Tall and slender, breathtakingly beautiful, their two parts represent the unity of opposites and they are named "Solomon, and "Adam and Eve."

If you prefer a simpler candleholder, you will love her curved tray to hold tea lights. She named it "Sand Dunes" a reminder of the deserts not too far from her home in Tel Aviv.

Another unique candleholder idea is her "Moon Path" candleholder recalling the exciting travel to space expeditions that were and will still be. A unique Laura Cowan feature it doubles us an elegant tray for nuts and candies.

Laura Cowan's creative talents are bringing freshness and vitality to contemporary Judaica. They make wonderful gifts that will always be welcome. These exciting contemporary interpretations of traditional Judaica items are deserving of a prominent place in every Jewish home.

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