An effective, deep-cleaning agent that draws out skin impurities while ridding the skin of dead cells. Heated mud is extremely effective in relieving muscle and joint pains.

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Mud from the Dead Sea

You would love to travel to the Dead Sea to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of its mud springs? With AJudaica's full range of Dead Sea mud products you can enjoy the Dead Sea experience in the comfort and privacy of your home. Scroll down and examine our soaps, masks, shampoos, hand and foot creams and healing mud - all produced by Israel's prestigious cosmetic companies - Ahava, Mineral Care, Ein Gedi and H&B. Their highly researched techniques have succeeded in extracting the health giving mud from the Dead Sea and it comes to you enriched with vitamins, oils and fruit extracts. So, it is almost as if you were there!

Start by using bars of mud soap for hand washing or bathing. You will immediately feel the difference. Combined with olive oil, herbal extracts and vitamins, the soap brings a glow to the skin. For a liberated feeling, smooth into your skin Ahava's mud body cream – a must if you live in a dry climate or suffer from sensitive skin. For a luxurious feeling, try Mineral Care's Mud Shower Gel.

Keep your skin in top condition with Ahava's mud facial exfoliator and the regular application of one of our mud masks as recommended by leading skin therapists and beauticians. The mud masks penetrate into the skin, cleansing and purifying and activating the flow of nutrients. They give the skin clarity and health and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Ein Gedi and H&B offer excellent mud masks suitable for all skin types. For a pampering treatment try H&B's superior Magic Mud Mask. Another H&B mud skin mask is formulated specifically for sensitive acne troubled skins.

For the hair and scalp, try our mud shampoo. Don’t forget to use regularly our Mineral Hair Mask. It nourishes and lubricates dry skin and encourages the growth of healthy hair follicles and shiny manageable hair.

More mud skin items include our popular handy size mud hand cream. Keep it in your bag and use during the day to keep hands feeling soft and relaxed. At the end of the day, use our mud foot cream to refresh tired feet.

Finally, there is a choice of mud packages – to be freely applied to all those aches and pains on your body. Soothe them away with a mud application coming to you directly from the Dead Sea.

With all these top quality mud skin products available at affordable prices, our advice is – go for it. Let them become part of your beauty routine and enjoy a new lease on good looks, skin health and total well-being!

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