Tishrei Holidays Hebrew CD

By Classy Kaletet

Tishrei Holidays Hebrew CD

By Classy Kaletet

Product Description

Enjoy the traditional and new-style songs of the month of Tishrei sung by the well-known Israeli star, Ofrah Weingarten. They include favorites from singer and poet, Naomi Shemer, in addition to three stories on the Chagim beautifully related by Smadar Shir.

Smadar Shir began writing at the age of 16 and since then, she has published over 400 children’s books composed hundreds of children’s songs. Many of her songs are part of the study program in schools all over the country.

Song List:

On Rosh Hashana
Shana Tova
Bashana Habaa
Twelve MOnths
Summer Passed
A Land of Milk and Honey
Open the Gates
What a Holiday
Sisu VeSimchu
Shlomit Builds a Sukkah
Guests for the Chag

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