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I am more than satisfied with the shofar that I received from ajudaica. I will happily purchase another and send any business to them. Even in the midst of the covid-19 I am still satisfied with the delivery time all the way from Israel. Thank you very much

Michael G., USA 5/2020

We received my husbands shofar this evening. He loves it! Wanted to say thank you so much. We really appriate it. Shalom and Blessings,

Sheila H., USA 1/2019

I received the shofar. When I saw it I said that is my shofar. It is beautiful and better then I was thinking. Thanks a lot.

Tony S., USA 1/2019

Hello! I am writing to report that the package was received on April 24. Loved the shofar. Is beautiful! Will be a blessing. Thank you very much. Shalom!

WC, Puerto Rico 4/2018

Friends, This is just to tell you that my shofar just arrived and it's great -- it blows easily and sounds clear and good! You might like to know that I am, for part of the year, on an island in the gulf of Maine, so the shofar-practise resounds over green fields, pine forest, and salt water. Eagles and Ospreys and Deer listening! In 3 weeks I'll head to my other home in Wisconsin, in time for the High Holidays, and where my other shofar awaits me. Now I won't have to carry it back and forth, as I'll have a good shofar awaiting me in each place. Thank you so much!

Bici B., US 8/2017

I have recently received the above order for which I am most grateful. The product was delivered in a relatively short time from purchase (& over a Bank Holiday W/E), is in pristine condition & blows beautifully. My wife & I shall be making additional purchases from aJudaica & shall not hesitate to wholly recommend to friends your website / inet business for purchase of all things Israeli/Jewish.

Suzanne A., UK 5/2014

I just wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful Jerusalem Yemenite shofar today. I am so impressed with the wonderful artwork, and the tone and sound of the shofar is amazing. Thanks again!

Jennifer V. US 3/2014

The shofar is beautiful. Thank you so much for the great service. I will surely shop with you again.

Paula B., U.S. 12/2012

I received the shofar I ordered.... It is beautiful and the sound is absolutely amazing. So clear and precise.... Thank you so much.

Brian D., New Zealand 12/2012

I ordered a shofar for my husband's birthday. It came from Israel to California, USA, within two weeks. It is a beautiful shofar . . . we love it! Thank you for your excellent service!

Debra 3/2010

I purchase a Yemenite Jumbo Shofar and received it within 7 days. All in excellent condition and it even pass the strict Australian Customs check. Thank you for your professional and efficient services

Kim 8/2009

Just wanted to let you know I received my shofar and it is so beautiful! I have blown it before our worship time to the Lord and down at the river at my house when the sun is coming up in the morning. Thank you for making my prayer time even more special.

Catherine D. - Junction, TX 4/2009

I received my shofar today. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you for your professionalism.

Judy 9/2008

I received the shofar today.. It is AWESOME THANK YOU

felicia williams 5/2008

Just wanted to tell you that we received our shofar. It was in perfect condition! We are so pleased. I was getting it for my husband for his 70th birthday. He loved it! Said it was the best present he had ever received. He has been blowing it all over the house! Thank you so much for you timely shipment of my order. I will order again.

Jacqueline Brown 2/2008
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