Tefillin Gassot

Tefillin Gassot are the most enhanced Tefillin, the manufacturing process being lengthy, painstaking and done mostly by hand. Not only are the Batim of highest quality, but the writing of the parshiyot done by expert scribes is of highest caliber. They are made in Israel, highly durable, and made to last a lifetime.

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Tefillin Gassot

These Tefillin are made to last a lifetime, using methods traditionally used for centuries, with the leather preparation done from the first stage of receiving the animal skins. The process is lenghty and laborious, but produces an end product which is extremely durable and almost totally hand made. The parchment is prepared by special scribes who write these high quality parshiyot thus ensuring physical and spiritual excellence in this product.

Chabad Lubavitch Tefillin Gassot

Chabad (or Lubavitch) have special extra large Tefillin, with Batim sized 4 x 4 cm, made entirely out of a single piece of thick leather. They are Kosher and proofread by an expert proofreader, and come with a computer check from Mishmeret STaM.

Tefillin Miksheh

If Gassot Tefillin are the best, then Tefillin Gassot Miksheh is the absolute top of the line. Each part of the process is done by hand, including forming one solid piece of leather into the Batim. The bottom part, or titura, is also made on one solid piece,the straps used are of the best quality leather and the writing on the klaf, or parchment is more enhanced, and are written by specialty scribes. Often there is a bit of a wait for these Tefillin, as they are painstakingly prepared, and there are many people who order them months before the Bar Mitzvah so as to ensure the topmost quality that Mikshe Tefillin ensure.

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