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Decorative Matchboxes

Adam, the first man, discovered fire when he rubbed two stones together. Ever since, the creation of light and fire has fascinated man. However, it wasn’t until 1844 that the first safety matches were produced. Today, there are matches of every size and a worldwide hobby is flourishing – phillumeny – collecting matchbox labels, cover and boxes.

In a Jewish home matches are a vital commodity. They are a prerequisite for lighting Shabbat candles, havdalah braids, Menorahs or Yohrzeit lights. In today’s modern world, also everything is push button automatic but a match must still be manually struck for kindling the lights of Shabbat and this is of course followed by reciting a special blessing.

In the Jewish spirit of beautifying any object used for a Mitzvah, the simple matchbox has been given the full attention of Judaica artists and aJudaica takes pride in offering its valued customers a choice that will meet every budget and need.

Our low-cost decorative matchboxes designed for use alongside the Shabbat candles come in packs of three boxes and are very popular. These make beautiful party favors or welcome gifts for Shabbat guests.

We offer a choice of classic-style wood and silver plate matchbox holders in a choice of shapes and designs. Some have the candle lighting blessing and prayer etched on the back. There is also a holder in the trendy white wood – a new color that is enjoying a surge of popularity.

A cute variation on the theme of match box holders is the nickel or pewter box in a box. The match box fits inside and the lid closes on it when not in use.

Dorit Judaica has prepared an entire collection of match box holders. Her classic hallmark style is distinctive and will add that special touch to your Shabbat kindling ceremony. Stroll through her choice of designs. There is ornate stainless steel with pomegranate shapes or graceful circular designs painted in delicate shades of blue, pink and other colors. Many display verses, prayers or words appropriate for Shabbat. We loved the match box holder with two doves gazing at each other and underneath, alongside a pomegranate decoration, is written in Hebrew “Why isn’t it Shabbat every day?”

So, dress up your Shabbat candle lights with a match box in a beautifully crafted matchbox holder. Whether it is for yourself or a dear one, it is a meaningful gift that will bring an extra glow to your Shabbat candle lighting.

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