Challah Boards

Enhance your Shabbat table while keeping it free of crumbs with these beautiful and decorative Challah boards.

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Showing 1-32 out of 80 items

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Challah Boards - Shabbat Trays

The Challot on the Shabbat table rest on a Challah board for a few reasons. First of all, so that when the Challah is cut, the table cloth isn't, also to contain the crumbs and thirdly but not least, as an enhancement to the Shabbat and Yom Tov table. There are the traditional kind, with a wood or plastic base, sometimes covered with a glass layer, and with a slit for the Challah Knife. Others even go so far as to provide a small hollow for salt.

The contemporary boards include some lovely ones in beautiful colors by Dorit Klein, imbuing this item with meaning and artistry. The clean modern lines of her work is refreshing and very attractive. We also offer tempered glass boards which have traditional colorful design, featuring Jerusalem or other Jewish themes. These boards can be dropped from a height to a hard floor and still not break. You can try it, we did! The Yair Emanuel products are hand painted and then lacquered, utilizing Jerusalem, Seven Species and other Judaica themes to enhance this popular product. They come with the option of a matching knife.

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