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Tablecloths for Shabbat and Holiday

The debate continues to rage. Which is preferable? Tablecloths or table mats? There are many arguments in favor of one side or the other. It depends on the condition of your table, your personal style, whether you are a tradition or contemporary style person – and of course, function and convenience will also help you decide in favor of one or the other.

Many claim that a white or cream colored tablecloth sets the atmosphere for an elegant Shabbat meal. It expresses the respect and honor you wish to extend to the holy Shabbat day.

We invite you to scroll through aJudaica’s selection and enjoy the dignified snow-white or cream colors with wording appropriate for Shabbat. They come in a choice of sizes and in a variety of center pieces or corner designs. All are top quality, easily laundered at home.

If white and silver compliments your table décor, we offer a number of designs with Shabbat wording and themes. A gold embroidery tablecloth has a bold floral design. The white designs with their center piece and flowers, curlicues or geometric design borders radiate dignity and atmosphere.

Whichever aJudaica tablecloth you choose, you will use and enjoy it week after week. They will enhance your Shabbat and make the work of preparing the table a labor of love. At the same time, they make wonderful gifts that are always useful and appreciated.

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