Challa Knife

Beautify the commandment of eating challah at your Shabbat and Holiday table with these decorative Challah knives.

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Showing 1-32 out of 45 items

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Challah Knife

An elegant Challah knife will add a finishing touch to your Shabbat table, enhancing the meal and bringing to the occasion a dash of beauty and style. It is placed on the Challah board alongside the Challahs and over it is the decorative Challah cover. The family is seated around the table. Kiddush has been recited and everyone has washed their hands. The head of the family removes the Challah Cover and the pretty Challah knife is revealed.

Before reciting the blessing, a slight indentation is made in the challah with the knife, the blessing is recited aloud and then the challah is cut and distributed around the table. A sharp quality knife will cut it quickly and efficiently and if the knife is elegant, we are convinced that the challah will be tastier too!

To help you cut your Challah in style, Ajudaica offers you a full selection of knives. Their decorative handles are enhanced with texts or colorful designs. All have top quality blades that will effortlessly slice your challah in style and give you years of service. There are no rules regarding the shape, size or style of the Challah knife handle so take your choice from our selection.

Many of our knives are designed by famous Jewish artists and the design and color of the knife will coordinate with their Challah Boards or other tableware bringing superb elegance to your Shabbat table. If you are looking for an exclusive knife where the name speaks, choose from our selection of prestigious Agayof or Caesarea Arts knives with their delightful pastel or rainbow colors. A popular choice of Challah knives is a Dorit Judaica design. Whether it is her pomegranate, Seven Species or wheat theme, the handles are attractively decorated and will pick up the color and design of other Dorit Judaica items on your table. Michal ben Yosef’s ceramic knives are a regular favorite. Each one is an original design matching her Challah boards and other table decorations. Her ceramic designs, made from the earth of Israel, are a meaningful addition to your Shabbat table.

We also carry a selection of silver plated styles that will always look elegant and are relatively low cost.

A Challah knife makes a fabulous gift that is always enjoyed and appreciated. Present it to a newly married young couple, to the family moving into a new home, to your hostess or treat yourself to a new glamorous Challah knife.

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